Inside Lacrosse AD – September 2011

Be sure to check out our new full page ad in Inside Lacrosse Magazine. Pick up one at your local store or subscribe online at We plan on running a full years campaign. We will be changing the ad monthly so if you have any cool pics of you and your pals wearing our gear on or off the field, please send them to us with permission and we will make you famous. hehe. read more

Connecticut Lacrosse Pinnies

Connecticut Lacrosse Pinnies

Connecticut lacrosse pinnies are going live to the young laxers up north.  These Charging Rhinos pinnies are officially on the way to Madison Connecticut. They may be the pic of the day. Check em.  These are powder blue and white lacrosse were screen printed with white, black and neon green colors.  The numbers were applied along with personalization using heat seals.  They were designed online with Lightning Wears state of the art pinnie maker. read more

girls basketball pinnies

Girls Basketball Pinnies

Girls Basketball Pinnies

Check out these girls basketball pinnies with custom artwork from the team. I always love when our customers show off their artistic abilities on our canvas, the pinnie.  These basketball pinnies are powder blue with an inner color of the hundred dollar bill.  The one of a kind design shows a stick figure of someone about to make a fast move to the hoop. read more

custom lacrosse hoodies

Lacrosse Hoodies – Youth Lacrosse Hoodies – Custom Team Hoodies

Custom Lacrosse Sweatshirts – Custom Hooded Sweatshirts – Custom Hoodies

The Carolina Hilltoppers lacrosse club is going to be ready for warmups in these solid custom lacrosse sweatshirts we made for them.  It started out with an idea and a great sketch from Coach Z and turned in to what we believe is a masterpiece.  Good luck to the Hilltoppers this season and thanks for the great order of custom hooded sweatshirts.  Design online or send us your ideas and we can turn your team or club sweatshirts in to the envy of others.  Made in the USA by Lightning Wear Apparel.  Our custom lacrosse sweatshirts are made to last.  Start designing your  here. read more

Lacrosse Uniforms From Lightning Wear Apparel – Design Your Own Lacrosse Uniforms

Lacrosse Uniforms From Lightning Wear Apparel 

Looks like the Hero’s Fall lacrosse tournament is starting off with a bang with the USO boys taking a 3-0 run in early.  We love these guys and are really proud to be a part of such a great organization.  USO lacrosse uniforms are always fun to make.  Be sure to check out their page here read more

Design Your Own Shooter Shirts – Long Sleeve Shooter Shirts

Design Shooter Shirts

Design shooter shirts from Maryland Lightning Wear Apparel.  Use one of our online template designs and pick from colors, design ideas or text for long sleeve shooter shirts and lacrosse shirts.  We have the most patterns and color options available in the world.  All of our gear is made to order the way you want it.  This is a goalie shirt for a soccer team in Baltimore, Maryland.  Thanks for the order of custom long sleeve shooter shirts. Click here to be redirected to the lacrosse pinnies site. read more

single ply jerseys

Single Ply Jerseys

Single Ply Jerseys

Custom Single Ply Lacrosse Pinnies – Single Ply Lax Jerseys

Single ply jerseys are the hit of the summer.  Most of you probably didn’t know that we also can make single ply pinnies and tank tops.  The picture below shows the finished neck and arm holes that can be colored or printed to any color or design spec.   Special thanks to the Valhallla teams for the great orders and ideas.   Good luck in the weekend tournaments. read more


New Lacrosse Pinnies Designer – More features and better Text and Display Options

Looks like the season is kicking off nicely now that kids are back in school. We have added a new designer to the site with more text options and easier viewing on mobile and tablet devices. There are some kinks but we are working through them. Be sure to check out the new tutorials that we will be launching later in the week. Thanks again for your continued support from the lacrosse pinnies family. read more

Maryland Flag Sweatshirt – Custom Hooded Maryland Sweatshirt

Maryland Flag Sweatshirt

No College Park tailgate is complete without a white and Maryland flag style sweatshirt from Lightning Wear.  These durable hoodies are great to wear regardless of the outdoor temps.  The 85/15 poly cotton material is soft and breathable while maintaining the Terp Swag style.  Thanks to our CP pals for this great sweatshirt order. read more

Extreme Challenge Boot Camp Jerseys – Basketball Jerseys

Attention boot campers.  Your uniforms are ready for wear.   Thanks to these special Extreme Challenge boot camps peeps for sending us this cool order of custom orange camo and powder blue basketball cut reversible jerseys.  You can always tell from the length of the jersey whether it is a basketball jersey or a cropped lacrosse jersey.  Usually the bballs are about 3 inches longer.  Anywho, happy wake up and work out day.   Sweat it out! read more

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© Team Uniforms | Lightning Wear®