Girls Sublimated Shorts

Cancer Ribbon Girls Sublimated Shorts

Take a sweet look at these Girls Sublimated Shorts we made for a huge group playing in this weekend girls lacrosse tournament in Baltimore Maryland.  

girls sublimated Shorts
girls sublimated Shorts

Finally, ladies we now have the womens sublimated shorts added to the design site at lacrossepinnies dot com. Check it!  Dye sublimation is a pretty intense process.  What happens is the image that you see pictured first starts out as an illustrator template in our high tech computer system.  The image prints and patterns are added to the pattern of the girls or guys custom shorts.  Then they are printed using a special ink on special dye sublimation paper.


Once the printing of all of the shorts is finished, the roll is taken over to a giant calendar press.  Imagine a huge pizza oven with a giant roller on it.  Here the paper is married with very high heat to our moisture wicking fabric.  The two products are joined together and the output is a pattern with high colors on the previously white material.

This is the abbreviated version of what dye sublimation really is.  The moral of the story is that we do it right here in our Kensington, Maryland factory.  Coolest part about it is you can put any color pattern print or design on any garment we make.  Call us and we can walk you through the full ordering process.






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