New Jersey Club Soccer Pinnies

Custom New Jersey Club Soccer Pinnies

Here goes some New Jersey Club Soccer Pinnies with some very popular Zebra Print heading out to the fantastic New Jersey soccer team. Thanks for the order.

new jersey club soccer pinnies
new jersey club soccer pinnies

Get going on a design for your club or recreation team for soccer or any sport.  If you are a soccer player on the East Coast, then you are definitely familiar with the soccer tournaments that go on through out the summer in New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware.  Every year we have the privilege of outfitting girls and boys team with light weight reversible soccer jerseys for their summer teams.  Often times a club like this one will carry four or five teams in different age groups.  We pride ourselves on being prompt.  More so we love delivering a fun product that our teams and coaches love.  Parents seem to love them too.  And what is the great part about it is that our products do not break your wallet.

Too often parents are stuck purchasing ridiculously priced big brand name jerseys and shorts that are no better quality than ours.  Recently I was in a college book store that will remain nameless.  I saw some jerseys that were made for the store.  They were dye sublimated basketball jerseys.  I was completely shocked and appalled that they were selling for around $80.  But I was more upset that the colors used for the school were completely off.  I knew right off the bat that the profiles and inks used for these overpriced jerseys were completely bad.

Dye Sublimated Jerseys

We have been making dye sublimated jerseys for almost ten years now.  And we have learned that the same ink and equipment guys that service our company also work in south America and overseas.  We hear of the shortcuts that the big boys take to get their orders produced.  At Lightning Wear, we do not cut corners.  We use the best quality dye sublimation inks and paper.  And our process for manufacturing our garments is completely different than the low wage factories that operate in other countries.  Our soccer uniforms are made in America by Americans that have played the sport.

Thanks for reading our post on New Jersey Club Soccer Pinnies.  If you need assistance with your order please call us at 888-438-7875. We are here seven days a week making uniforms and team apparel.


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