Custom Softball Shirts – Softball Shooter Shirts

Custom Lacrosse Shorts – Womens Custom Lacrosse Shorts

It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that these are some of the coolest looking softball shooter shirts in the galaxy.  Best of luck to our pals on the NASA softball team.  These guys are playing for the win.  Thanks for the order and good luck with the summer softball season. read more

Custom Lacrosse Shorts – Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Custom Lacrosse Shorts

A great set of lacrosse pinnies never looks its best without custom lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear Apparel.  If you have a design idea in mind, shoot it over to one of our artists for a full rendition.  Sublimated lacrosse shorts can be made in any color, shade, print or design you can think of.  Call us for some of the latest ideas and trends.  Made to last in the USA. read more

Custom Shooter Shirts – Shooting Shirts

Here goes some cool looking custom shooter shirts to our friends in Gaithersburg Maryland.  The Maryland Flag, State and country flag shirts are definitely among the most popular shooting shirts.  Good luck in the Tough man event and thanks for the cool order. read more

Custom Lacrosse Jerseys – Made in America

Custom Lacrosse Jerseys

Here goes another excellent creation of custom lacrosse jerseys to the Storm Lacrosse Team.  We love the lightning bolt and checker theme.  This jersey template will be on the custom designer later in the week so stay tuned.  Check in with Lightning Wear for the latest and greatest custom lacrosse uniforms.  All of these are made to order in Kensington, Maryland USA. read more

custom lacrosse short

Custom Lacrosse Shorts – Custom Made Shorts Lacrosse

Custom Lacrosse Shorts

The Bears will be looking tough in these custom lacrosse shorts with pockets.  Thanks for the cool design and good luck with the upcoming season.  All of our custom made shorts can be used for lacrosse or any other sport.  We also offer an 11″ inseam basketball short if you like your custom shorts longer. We make these in Kensington, Maryland USA. read more

Custom Lacrosse Shorts – Custom Shorts

Custom Lacrosse Shorts

Here goes a great set of custom lacrosse shorts to our friends in New York.  Good luck on the special event and thank you for choosing Lightning Wear for your custom shorts purchase. Checker board prints are definitely going to be a summer spectacular. read more

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