Boys Custom Lacrosse Shorts – Sublimated Custom Lax Shorts

Sublimated Custom Lax Shorts

Here goes a great looking set of boys custom lacrosse shorts to the laxers in Port Chester New York.  Blue camo appears to be the hottest pattern so far for summer teams.  Do you have a pattern in mind that you don;t see on our site?  Let us know and we can make one up for you.   All of our sublimated lacrosse gear is designed, printed, cut and sewn in Maryland USA. read more

eagles american flag pinni

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms – Youth Lacrosse Uniforms

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms –

Making your custom lacrosse uniforms look good is our specialty.  Design online like the ones that were done below or give us the idea and we can do the rest.  All of our sublimated lacrosse jerseys and sublimated lacrosse shorts are created by highly skilled artists.  We can take your rough idea for youth lacrosse uniforms and turn them in to masterpieces.   Call us today for a free quote. read more

boys custom lacrosse shorts

Kids Custom Lacrosse Shorts – Lax Shorts

Kids Custom Lacrosse Shorts

Get ready for the summer season and have your child looking like a rockstar in Lightning Wears kids custom lacrosse shorts. Pick from one of our stock designs or create one of your own in the customize shorts.   Add your favorite text, numbers or logo and be the most original kid on the block. read more

Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms – Custom Team Uniforms

Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

We love what we do here at Lightning Wear Apparel. From start to finish, we can customize your idea in to a finished sublimated jersey, sublimated lacrosse shorts, and sublimated shooter shirts.  When it comes to men’s, womens or kids sublimated lacrosse uniforms, we are your source.  Unlike overseas manufacturers, or many of the companies today that become the middle man, Lightning Wear manufactures all of our product from our East Coast operations center in Kensington, Maryland.  If you are in Maryland, come by and see us and we can walk you through the easy steps of the sublimated lacrosse uniforms process.  Have a special font or design in mind?  Call us and we can make it real. read more

Sublimated Tank Tops – Maryland Rugby Tank Tops

Sublimated Tank Tops Shirts

After many, many requests to produce a single ply non reversible jersey, we have finally introduced the sublimated tank tops shirt.  Here goes a solid set to our great customers, the University of Maryland’s Mens Rugby.  Thank you for the continued support and have a great summer in your new light weight tank tops.  This style will be added to the site in the upcoming week. read more

Mens Lacrosse Uniforms

Mens Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms – Mens Lacrosse Uniforms

Mens Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

Lightning Wear manufactures custom mens sublimated lacrosse uniforms in our Kensington, Maryland factory.  Here goes a set of camouflage lacrosse pinnies with the Indiana state seal on the way to some Indiana laxers.  Design your own custom sublimated lacrosse uniforms and include your favorite lacrosse shorts, lacrosse shirts and lacrosse pinnies.  Lightning Wear helps you make your team look professional. read more

sublimated shooter shirts

Lacrosse Shooter Shirts – Custom Shooter Shirts

Lacrosse Shooter Shirts – Lacrosse Shooting Shirts

Check out these very cool sublimated lacrosse shooter shirts on the way north to Pennsylvania.  Design your own custom lacrosse shooting shirts from Lightning Wear in minutes.  Made to last from our factory in Kensington, Maryland USA.  Call for your quote on custom sublimated lacrosse shorts, sublimated lacrosse pinnies, and sublimated shooter shirts.  read more

Boston Strong Shorts – Custom Sublimated Shorts – Boston Shorts

Boston Strong Shorts

In honor of the brave, we have created these Boston Strong Shorts sublimated in custom Boston colors.  Thank you to all of the strong  Americans for fighting hard to make this country great.  Lightning Wear is proud of our made in the USA brand, and we are proud of the people all over this country that support the USA and fight for the freedoms and liberties that make this country great.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these shorts will be sent to the families of the deceased or injured.  Thank you! read more

sublimated lacrosse shorts - custom lacrosse shorts

Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts – Sunflower Sublimated Shorts

Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Stay tuned.  Lightning Wear is getting ready to beef up our collection of sublimated lacrosse shorts.  These are LW sunshine shorts made of poly dimple mesh with pockets. If you have any ideas for prints, please send them our way.  Sublimated lacrosse shorts are the wave of the future. read more

Picture Pinnies – Custom Pinnies with a Picture on them

Picture Pinnies

I hope that our friends from Belmont Massachusetts do not mind us posting this great shot of the picture pinnies that are on the way to you.  This is a very moving pic of what looks like a father and son sharing some quality time together.  I know mothers day is on the way here in a few weeks but this one goes out to all of the fathers.  God Bless! read more

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