Kensington, MD Labor Day Parade Pinnies

Welcome to our turf – KENSINGTON! The one and only home of and our very own Jon Watkins, designer of this sweet pick-up:

Where can I get one, you ask? Well, come and stop by our tent at Kensington’s annual Labor Day parade and you’ll find these options for getting your K-Town Pinnie: beat Jon in a best-of-7 Muay Thai kickboxing duel OR hand him $20. Your call. read more

Seaboard’s Finest Pinnies

Power suit, power tie, power steering. Now, the introduction of the power pinnie thanks to this group of gentlemen from just around the corner in Derwood, Maryland. BUY! SELL!

Sandwich Makin’ Pinnies

If you’re ever in Winthrop, MA and craving some delicious sandwiches, keep a look out for these awesome sublimated pinnies. These pros REALLY know their sandwiches!

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© Team Uniforms | Lightning Wear®