Hundred Dollar Shirts – Custom Shooter Shirts

Custom Lacrosse Shirts

Here goes some $300 Shooter shirts for some rugged flag football players in the DC area.  Stand out in the crowd with these one of kind custom shooter shirts from Lightning Wear Apparel.  Be as creative as you want to or have one of our artists do it for you. read more

Team Cockpit American Flag Pinnies – Custom American Flag Pinnies

I know some of the next few blog posts are redundant if you follow us on instagram.  I do not get pictures of every bit of gear that we put out, but I want to make sure the least I can do is log these on the blog so they can be easily found on the net.  Hope you enjoy seeing them.  Here goes a majestic set of Team Cockpit American Flag Pinnies to the gents and ladies at the US Air Force Academy.  Thank you for your service and protection.  Hope you loved the gear. read more

Maryland Hooded Sweatshirt – Terps Sweatshirts – Maryland Hoodie

Maryland Hoodie – Maryland Hooded Sweatshirt

Its official.  We are now approved to start selling our limited edition Maryland Hoodie.  Check out the Maryland flag pattern pocket, sleeve and hood insert.  Made to order custom in Maryland USA.  Be sure to check out the Lightning Wear Apparel facebook Page.  This sweatshirt is now available for sale here. read more

Operation Homefront Lacrosse Pinnies – Custom Lax Jerseys

Operation Homefront Lacrosse Pinnies

Here goes a  set of Operation Homefront Lacrosse Pinnies to some DC boys that were playing in this past week’s War at the Shore tournament in New Jersey.  The team was sponsored by the Washington DC Metro Operation Homefront.  The organization’s mission is to provide emergency financial and other assistance to the families of service members and wounded warriors.  Please be sure to check out their site for more details at   Congrats fellas for playing for such a great cause and organization. read more

Whaler Shooter Shirts – Custom Shooting Shirts

This is a good way to start off the morning with some cool looking personalized whaler shooter shirts.  The smile on that whales face just says it all.  Shooter shirts can be customized and personalized with names and numbers for your team or event.  Made to order in Maryland USA.  Thank you guys for making this a special order! read more

Custom Lacrosse Shorts – Space Moose Lacrosse Shorts

Here goes a killer set of Space Moose shorts to our pals in Georgia.  We applaud Cannon and his friends for putting this order together.  Your great idea and spirit is making a difference as you grow the game in the area you lives in.  As well congrats to their artist for the fantastic work on this.  I want a pair for myself of these crazy custom lacrosse shorts.  All of Lightning Wear’s shorts are made to order in Maryland USA. read more

Lacrosse Camp Pinnies – Custom Rasta Print Pinnies

Lacrosse Camp Pinnies

The campers from Harrisburg PA will be really happy when they show up for Coach Ks annual summer lacrosse camp.  These lacrosse camp pinnies were design and sublimated using the lacrossepinnies online pinnie maker.  Best wishes and great success on this summers camp.  Highlight of the pinnies is that the mention of Josh Bergey,  famous All American Salisbury legend. read more

Mens Lacrosse Shorts – Custom Lacrosse Shorts

Finally, here goes a set of the mens lacrosse shorts for the Timperly Mens Lacrosse Team.  These guys will also be making their tour of North America all the way from London England.  Thank your for the great order and best wishes.  Have safe travels and we hope you do well in this weekends lacrosse tournaments. Custom lacrosse shorts are made to order in Maryland USA. read more

Timperly Lacrosse Pinnies – Womens Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Womens Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Here goes another set of womens sublimated custom lacrosse uniforms to our friends from across the pond.  The Timperly lacrosse team is from Timperly London England.  They will be playing this weekend in the Westminster Maryland lacrosse tournament.  Thank you for the great mens and womens team orders.  Have safe and victorious travels. read more

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© Team Uniforms | Lightning Wear®