Orange Ocean Blue Abstract Sublimated Shirts

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Feel the ocean blue and the orange sunset with these Orange Ocean Sublimated Shirts. The combination of the calm ocean and the beautiful sunset will surely excite you and will make you want to wear this shirt. Enjoy surfing or any fun outdoor activities with its comfort. Check out its amazing features below.


  • Fabric. It features a lightweight and durable material suitable for all levels of competition, as a playing or training garment for lacrosse. Moreover, its moisture management properties add comfort while you hit your shot across the field.
  • Style. Shaped to a relaxed fit, these Orange Ocean Sublimated Shirts have gone through the process of dye sublimation, so its blue and orange prints would not fade quickly. It also provides unrestricted motion without compromising the fit, so get ready for an on-the-move comfort.
  • Sizes. Please choose your size without any hassle by checking out our size chart.
  • Care Instruction. Turn these Orange Ocean Sublimated Shirts inside-out, and machine wash it using a cold water temperature on a gentle cycle. Use mild detergent and tumble dry or air dry.

Blast from the Past

Lightning Wear Apparel is the go-to sports apparel shopping destination for every athlete across the globe. Founded in 2006, we relied heavily on overseas manufacturing. Later on, we learned the hard way that outsourcing garments overseas without supervision has been costing us a lump sum, considerable patience, and more time.

It was in 2008 when we took a massive leap in the industry and started making our orders in the States. We were hungry to compete with more established and funded giants, and quitting was never an option.

Our owner found a manufacturer in Maryland, USA, located closer to the home office. During this period, we learned the twists and turns of running a high production manufacturing facility. Unfortunately, our manufacturer had other customers as well, so they pushed our small orders aside to make way for big orders from other brands.

Today, we are producing 5,000 high-quality garments per week, intending to provide one-of-a-kind sports apparel to athletes. We have successfully weathered the storm, and we are now one of the significant dye sublimation manufacturers in the United States. From custom lacrosse uniforms to flag shorts, field hockey uniforms to team apparel, we’ve got you covered.

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