Hot Pink Green Cow Print Shorts

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Hot pink and green? Sounds unique, right? It is indeed strange to see an a clothing with this color combination. But, when we tried it and produced one, we’re also surprised how good it turned out! Lightning Wear is known for its high-quality custom dye apparel. You can also have your winning sports uniform for your team with us here. Don’t worry because we only use the finest materials and unique, customized designs to satisfy you. We don’t just create cow print shorts, there is a lot that we can give. We also do in-house graphic designs to ensure the best quality of our products.

Here are the best features to look for:

  • Hot Pink Green Cow Print Shorts comes with a unique cow design-. It comes with a green cow-like spot in a hot pink background!
  • Sewed and Manufactured in Kensington, Maryland USA­. It is a USA-based brand wherein you can easily contact the staff and store sellers anytime.
  • Made up of LightningWear Signature LitFit material. This is one of the modern fabrics that is used on sports uniforms today as it gives comfort to players than the other types of fabric.
  • It can be a great gift. Since this is made from high-quality materials and modern technology, you can wrap it as a gift. It is perfect for anyone who likes unique clothes.

Lightningwear Since 2006

Over the years, we have encountered a lot of challenges. But, it didn’t stop us from improving more to achieve our business goals. This resulted in us having clients that became our partners. Lightningwear aims to distribute unique and premium quality uniforms to all. Therefore, we use modern technology and fabric to bring comfort to our customers.

Sports pinnies, custom shorts, custom shirts, and custom sweats? We can create that. Name your design, and we can create them for you. But, we also have an expert design team if you still don’t have any design in mind.

Our team understands the importance of looking, feeling, and fitting into your custom kits and everyday wear. So, if you are looking for a trusted company that creates a high-quality custom uniform for all sports and events, contact Lightning Wear! We look forward to impressing your team or organization.

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