White Purple Cow Pattern Shorts

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It is rare to find the color purple in nature, but it is common in the clothing industry. This color represents mystery, independence, and magic. Additionally, it is a fun color to add since it adds more accent to clothes. Therefore, Lightningwear’s White Purple Cow Pattern Shorts are made. With the animal print and unique color combination, it allows people to be more playful.


  • Made up of Finest Materials. These cow pattern shorts are from premium-quality materials to satisfy your needs of having a fashionable and comfortable shirt.
  • Well-Manufactured in Kensington, Maryland USA. Lightningwear is popular for its high-quality brand in the USA where you can purchase the best apparel for you and your loved ones.
  • It is available in unisex, adult, and kids sizing. This is to ensure that we can assist everyone who needs high-quality shorts.
  • Name any design you want. We also accept customized design pinnies since we also want to give you your unique uniform.

Partnership with Lightning Wear

Since 2006 we are partnering up with different groups of athletes who were looking for a new edge in the sports apparel industry. Even though we are in the business for that long, we still face lots of challenges along the way. But, it provides us experiences that help us to master the ins and outs of the industry of sportswear apparel.

Also, we have created many bold moves to level up our services and products. And we are very proud to say that we succeeded in those steps and are now continuing to have an established name in the industry. We STAY HUNGRY. And we continue to partner with strong youth, high school, collegiate and club/intramural programs, and individuals. So if you are looking for a company that creates quality sports uniforms and pinnies, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to impressing your team.

size chest(in.) waist(in.) hips(in.)
XS 34-36 27-29 34.5-36.5
S 36-38 29-31 36.5-38.5
M 38-40 31-33 38.5-40.5
L 40-42 33-36 40.5-43.5
XL 42-45 36-40 43.5-47.5
XXL 45-48 40-44 47.5-51.5

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