Baseball Pinnies

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Baseball Pinnies

Custom Baseball Pinnies

We love baseball and we love our baseball pinnies here at Lightning Wear.

baseball pinnies

baseball pinnies

Off goes some ferocious baseball pinnies to our pals in Massachusetts. Thanks for the order and please hit one out of the park for us. The team went with a black and charcoal dye sublimated reversible jerseys with front colored imprints. On the backs they added team nicknames and numbers for each player. You may think of us as a lacrosse company. Our stretch goes way beyond just lacrosse.

First and foremost we are an American company with an American made product. This means that we know and play just about every sport you can imagine. It is amazing how the fashion trends extend among sports as well. Crazy sublimated shorts really started off in surfing first. Then the laxers got a hold of them and it grew. But most recently, our young baseball fans have started wearing crazy shorts as well. Regardless of the sport, we make custom uniforms and team apparel that will last more than two seasons. Call us today for your team pricing and needs.

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