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Basketball shooter shirts long sleeve from Lightning Wear. Check out these very cool basketball shooting shirts long sleeve going out to our friend and designer Saul D. Saul is one of the great vendors that we work with that buys wholesale shooter shirts. He outfits a large number of fitness and military enthusiasts and we are always excited to see the cool new designs that he comes up for his squads.

You can check out more of what we have done for him on our Lightning Wear facebook page. Our long sleeve shirts come in adult and youth sizes and we make them for boys and girls. They are dye sublimated so we are capable of doing a full print on the total area of the jersey.

Add names and numbers along with sleeve logos. These make great basketball warmup shirts or warmups for any sport. Call us for team pricing and set discounts. If you are a vendor, please contact our sales team and sign up to receive special pricing and discounts. All of our gear is made in our Maryland USA factory.

Basketball Uniforms

Custom basketball uniforms take some time to manufacture. One thing you will realize about our product is that since it is hand made, there is special handling and consideration put in to each and every garment. From time to time there may be issues but we stand by our color, pattern print and material. Many of our teams come back year to year with fill in orders. Our basketball uniforms are quickly making their way on to courts all over the globe. Luckily we save every design ever made. We are just over 40,000 custom orders and we will continue to impress each and every one of our great customers. So, please call us about your basketball shooter shirts long sleeve needs.

shooter shirts long sleeve

shooter shirts long sleeve

Custom Shooter Shirts Long Sleeve

Ernst and Young in New York City had a huge event that they needed our help with. They wanted shooter shirts sublimated long sleeve with some incredible designs for a team building event and they needed them fast. Because we manufacture all of our apparel in Maryland USA, we were up for the challenge. They designed a charcoal grey shirt with a unique gold pattern. They also added their logos on the sleeves and center chest. With our in house dye sublimation process, nothing stops us from creating a full billboard of design and art features for the shirt.

We had a customer that called in today asking what pantone colors we use for particular colors. If you notice on our site, we have a pretty large variety of colors that you can choose from when using our online uniform builderHowever, this certainly does not restrict you to use only those colors. If you have a color that you need to match or a pantone color from a book that you would like to match, just let our art department know what it is and we will be sure to match it. Call us for all of your shooter shirts long sleeve needs.

Sublimated Basketball Warmup Shirts

basketball warmup shirts

basketball warmup shirts

Check out these KMHS Broncos long sleeve basketball shooting shirts. The team wanted to show off their cool bronco logo with a white to forest green fade ombre.
We were able to work with their team to provide a rendition. They chose this shirt along with its reverse color in a second set.

Unlike a regular cotton shirt, dye sublimated shirts are printed on a lightweight moisture wicking fabric that is perfect for team warm ups or leisure. As well, fabric is colored with a special dye sublimation in before it is sewn together. By doing this, we allow you to print anywhere on the shirt. You can add logos, names, numbers and color patterns or print all over the jerseys.

The shirts pictured are not limited to this particular design. Our online uniform builder is great because it allows you to pick from a standard design. If you are more creative or are looking for something a little more fancy, we are here to help.

This shirt was designed right off of our site. The colors were picked as inner and out. This means that you can have a white/ green or green white fade or any color replacement. Feel free to call us and we can walk you through our design tool for ease of use. Also, these shirts can be made in kids sizes too. So, if you have any questions about ordering basketball warmups, please give us a call.

Basketball Uniforms Pricing

We also offer set pricing that is not on our website for basketball uniforms. You can get a sublimated reversible jersey, 11″ inseam sublimated shorts and a long sleeve shooting shirt for under $100 all in. This can be done for girls and guys teams in adult and kids sizes. We ship just about anywhere in the world. Sublimated basketball warmup shirts are the way to go for your team or club.

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