basketball warmup shirts

Basketball Warmup Shirts

Sublimated Basketball Warmup Shirts

The Atlanta Cagers girls team will be ready for tournament play in the powder blue basketball warmup shirts. One of the great team parents called us and told us they were looking for some personalized shooting shirts for basketball with a cool design. Our art department took it from there and came up with these cool gems with a diamond style sleeve. The team added the Atlanta print to the side along with some personalized names. They loved them so much that they have since reordered for other teams and parents of the players.  We are basketball uniforms specialists.

Things to Keep in Mind When Ordering

We love doing work for everyone.  And this is an extremely busy season for us. As a company we are not perfect but we aim to be so thank you for your support. Basketball warmup shirts and custom uniforms are what we do. We work well under pressure and are able at times to perform miracles but please do not call us and expect to jump ahead of others that have ordered before you. Our normal processing time for custom orders is 3-4 weeks from the time the order is placed and paid for. Daily pestering will not make your order get processed any sooner and only delay the process.

Please do not procrastinate or make us be the fall guy for poor planning. We are always willing to help depending on the circumstance but please do your part also. Early planning for uniforms gives us time to make your order perfect without the pressure. Thanks for reading! Sublimated basketball shooter shirts are available in any adult and kids sizes for girls and guys.

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