Picture Pinnies – Custom Pinnies with a Picture on them

Picture Pinnies

I hope that our friends from Belmont Massachusetts do not mind us posting this great shot of the picture pinnies that are on the way to you.  This is a very moving pic of what looks like a father and son sharing some quality time together.  I know mothers day is on the way here in a few weeks but this one goes out to all of the fathers.  God Bless! read more

Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms – Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Lightning Wear recently joined instagram as @laxpinnies to showcase some of what we send out.  This may be the reason for lighter number of blog posts recently.  Many of you ask us to post your order pics online.  We are doing our best to keep up, but can only show a small percentage of the daily work.  Please keep sending the team pics too and we will be sure to showcase.  Here is a set of custom lacrosse uniforms going out to a friend of ours on Instagram, @lacrossehub.  Lacrosse Hub, thank you for the connections and shout outs.  Thanks Instragram for the great connections. read more

Candy Shop Pinnies – Custom American Flag Jerseys

Candy Shop Pinnies

The babes and bros from Purchase New York will be dancing the night away in these Candy Shop Pinnies.  Made to order in Kensington, Maryland.  Thanks for the great order and happy jiggling.

Custom American Flag Jerseys

Lightning Wear is the first and only company to make custom American Flag jerseys. Add any type of design, logo, name and or number online.  Made to order in Kensington, Maryland. read more

sublimated lacrosse reversible jerseys

Sublimated Lacrosse Reversible Jerseys

Sublimated Lacrosse Reversible Jerseys

Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

Here goes the matching set of sublimated lacrosse reversible jerseys to the Atlanta Youth and Adult clubs.  Thanks for much for the repeat business.  Coaches or directors can work directly with the Lightning Wear art department to create a design that stands out. Made in Kensington, Maryland USA. Sublimated lacrosse uniforms. read more


Sublimated Basketball Uniforms – Custom Basketball Jerseys

Sublimated Basketball Uniforms

The Nooners from Newark DE will be ballin hard in these teal and orange sublimated basketball uniforms.  Check out the leap on that dude.  Good luck with the season and thanks for the order.

Custom Basketball Jerseys

Lightning Wear Apparel manufactures custom basketball jerseys and sublimated basketball shorts in any color or design.  Made to order in Kensington, Maryland USA. read more

Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts – Custom Lacrosse Shorts

Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Here goes a rockin pair of sublimated lacrosse shorts to the crew in Pawtucket Rhode Island.  Thanks for the great order and have a great season.  We love the design you guys came up with.

Custom Lacrosse Shorts

All of our custom lacrosse shorts are made to order in our Kensington, Maryland facility.  Design online or have one of our artists design for you in a matter of minutes.  Be sure to check out the Lightning Wear blog for design ideas and great pics. read more

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