Lacrosse Pinnies – Blaze Lacrosse Pinnies – Custom Black and Gold Pinnies

Lacrosse Pinnies

Blaze Lacrosse Pinnies – Custom Black and Gold Pinnies

Lacrosse pinnies are made to order by Lightning Wear in our Kensington, Maryland.  While others have attempted to come along and steal our style swag and patterns literally, we still remain the leading manufacturer and provider of custom lacrosse pinnies on the planet.

blaze pinnies
lacrosse pinnies

Team Blaze will be in full effect in these black and gold mens pinnies. Happy Blazin and thanks for the purchase.  When we first started making reversible jerseys in 2006 we had a vision.  There were tons of manufacturers of the mesh reversible basketball jerseys with a longer look.  We took it to the next level.  If you ever play lacrosse in the longer basketball style pinnie, then you know that they can be difficult to put on over pads.  As well the length sometimes messes with your ability to switch on the fly.  We all know that anything that gets in the way of greatness from your game as a laxer should be a removed variable.

So we hit the drawing board.  Our team designed a wider shoulder open hole and a cropped bottom.  The ease of putting a reversible jersey over your lacrosse pads and helmets became easy.  Our next step in the process was aligning with the best quality fabric makers.  We did our research and located a fabric that was durable and moisture resistant for those sweaty games.  Now we had to find someone to make them.  We reached out to a manufacturer we found in Virginia.  It was a hike to get to their location but we soon perfected the patterns and adult and youth size charts.  Our mission did not stop and we began booking orders all over the globe for the best pinnies in town.

To this day we still offer more color combinations for reversible jerseys that an company on the planet.  In 2010 we added dye sublimated jerseys to the mix.  Please keep checking back in with our blog.  Call us at 888-438-7875 for any questions or blog comments about lacrosse pinnies.


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