Long Sleeve Shirts

American Flag Long Sleeve Shirts

Make your own dye sublimated long sleeve shirts from Lightning Wear.  

long sleeve shirts
long sleeve shirts

This Bethesda Maryland softball team will be ready for the big hits in these long sleeve softball shirts from Lightning Wear.  Get your custom softball shirts made any way your little heart desires only from Lacrossepinnies dot com.  These shirts are made  with custom name, logo and numbers.  With a name like swamp donkeys you can only imagine what some of the nicknames on the back of these looked like.   Call us today for a free estimate for your team.

Softball Jerseys

Everyone loves cool and fun softball jerseys.  Softball is a very popular sport among businesses, bars and schools.  One of the biggest sellers for each team is their custom gear.  We like to think that the softball apparel that we have been putting out over the years is definitely some of the best in the business.  One year when I was working in the mortgage business, I decided to give softball a try.  Apparently they thought that I would do great at the first base position.

Little did I know that first base was one of the most active positions on the field.  I hated it.  Balls were getting thrown and shot at me.  I finally gave up and stuck with being the designated hitter.  We managed to do okay in the league that season.  More so we had a blast playing.  I highly recommend you giving softball a try.  Just keep away from first base.

Custom Softball Shorts

We also manufacture custom softball shorts.  Some of the guys on the team also added matching sublimated lacrosse shorts to their order.  The American flag is probably one of the most utilized designs for our dye sublimated products.  The great thing is the amount of art variations and design options that you can actually get.  For under $35 bucks we can make you a custom shooter shirt that will be the envy of your softball league.  More so, we can make these shirts for just about any sport. They make great warmup or full game jerseys.  Ladies we have you covered too.  The sizes are unisex.  They can be made in adult and youth sizing.  Be sure to check out all of our custom softball apparel here.

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