Personalized Lacrosse Jerseys

Check out these very fresh personalized lacrosse jerseys going to the Hewlett Seniors in Hewlett New York.

Personalized Lacrosse Jerseys

Design Lacrosse Uniforms

The booster club from Hewlett lacrosse got together and ordered some very cool personalized lacrosse jerseys for the boys heading off to college in the fall.  They have a company up in New York that is taking these bad boys and putting them in to a professional looking box frame.  I cannot think of a better gift to let these players remember their four years of lacrosse at the school.  But this really makes me reminisce about my ending high school career.

personalized lacrosse jerseys
personalized lacrosse jerseys

I remember when I was in high school, I think they sent a letter to me telling me that I had to turn my jersey in for the following years team.  This was the extent of what we received from my high school when the season was over.  We also received a bill from a hotel in Canada that some team mates destroyed on a lacrosse trip.  The story I am mentioning is one for the vault if you get my drift.  Congrats to the Hewlett seniors and their great parents for putting together such a fantastic gift.  Thank you for letting Lightning Wear be a part of the team.

Custom Lacrosse Jerseys

Lightning Wear makes a ton of different styles of custom lacrosse jerseys for boys and girls.  The lacrosse jersey you see pictured is one of our sleeved options that can be designed on the Lightning Wear site.  It can be made as a single ply or a reversible for just a couple of dollars more.  This jersey is sublimated. Sublimated means that all of the numbers, letters and patterns are actually dyed in to the fabric then cut and sewn for shipment.  The navy blue jersey that you see pictured is so strong in color that you would think it was actually made first then embellished.  However it is just the opposite.

Everything is printed out just like you would print a picture on your home laser jet printer.  Then the special inks and paper are married with the fabric for a vivid and professional look.  Custom lacrosse jerseys can be prepared to meet your local high school or college (even youth) rules and specifications.  We are very familiar with the requirements.  So if you are unsure of how crazy you can get with the jersey, just ask one of our artist or persons answering the call.

Keep in mind that you are not restricted to the designs that are on the site.  I just received a call from a guy that wanted to send a design that he already came up with to us.  We welcome new and creative ideas and are always willing to help.

So give us a call at 888-438-7875 when you are ready to go with your personalized lacrosse jerseys.


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