maryland crab pinnies

Maryland Crab Pinnies – Maryland Flag Pinnies

Here goes some spectacular Maryland Flag Pinnies with the infamous Maryland crab.  These are going out to the party people in Edgewater Maryland as they make their way to the Firefly Festival.

For those of you that are not familiar with the Firefly Music Festival, it is an event in Dover, Delaware where great band like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Calvin Harris, Public Enemy, and many more.  Check out more on the event here! read more

Wales Lacrosse Pinnies – Custom Collegiate Lacrosse Pinnie

Sorry folks I have been absent from blogging in the last few days.  I guess like every other non famous writer of blogs out there, I needed a little time away from posting.  There are so many pics of cool looking lacrosse pinnies, custom lacrosse shorts and shooter shirts that come across my desk daily that I get a little overwhelmed.  Anyhoo- here goes a fancy set of screen printed collegiate cut pinnies to the Wales to the fellas of Mount Kisco, New York.  Thanks for the order and have a good time in Da Lawn~! read more

Lightning Wear Pinnies – Design your own Lacrosse Pinnies

Lightning Wear Pinnies – Design your own Lacrosse Pinnies

We’re working hard for the money with some late night hours here in Kensington.  We love when our great customers design their own Lightning Wear pinnies on our site.  Here goes a great order to the crew in Rochester, New York.  We threw some hats in there for your for rocking our brand. read more

McLean Swimming Pinnies -Fight To The Finish

Everything about this pinnie is very cool.  The swim team from McLean Virginia will definitely be standing out in these Marlin royal and blue white reversible jerseys.  Fight to the finish is just how I am feeling today.   Thanks for the repeat order and best wishes on the upcoming season. read more

family reunion pinnies

Family Reunion Pinnies – Custom Family Pinnies

The Ohana family will be partying hard in these custom family reunion pinnies.  “We are a family – all my brothers, sisters and me….”  Sorry, thats just the song that popped in my head when I saw this picture come through.  Have a great family gathering and thanks for the order! read more

Brine Lax Splash Tournament Photos

Lacrosse Shorts Custom – Youth Lacrosse Shorts

Lacrosse Shorts Custom

Congrats to Team Long Island compliments of King Gong Sports for winning the Brine Lax Splash this past weekend.  The team is rocking some custom screen printed collegiate pinnies and some Lightning Wear King Gong lacrosse shorts custom.  Made to order in Maryland USA. read more

Youth Sublimated Lacrosse Jerseys – Custom Lacrosse Pinnies

The Raptors in Decatur Georgia will be ready for the weekend tournaments in these youth sublimated lacrosse jerseys from Lightning Wear Apparel.  The jerseys pictured are a collegiate style with longer shoulders.  These jerseys are great for youth teams because they keep the should pads in place.  With sublimated lacrosse uniforms, the color options are endless.  The unique printing technology allows for unlimited color options and logo placement.  All of our goods are made to order in Kensington, Maryland USA. read more

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© Team Uniforms | Lightning Wear®