mens sublimated lacrosse shorts

Custom Lacrosse Shorts – Sublimated Lax Shorts

Custom Lacrosse Shorts – Sublimated Lax Shorts

Here goes some sweet custom lacrosse shorts.  Lightning Wear Apparel manufactures sublimated lacrosse apparel in Maryland USA.  Design your own or have one of our custom sports apparel artists design for you. read more

cancer ribbon sublimated uniforms

Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms – Sublimated Lax Uniforms

Get your custom sublimated lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear Apparel.  All of our products are made in the USA.  Sublimated lax uniforms are great for tournaments, intramural teams, youth lacrosse teams, and college teams.  Design online or get one of our artists to make it for you. read more

sublimated lacrosse shorts

Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Custom Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Argyle Lax Shorts

Custom sublimated lacrosse shorts are made daily at Lightning Wear.  Here goes some sick argyle shorts to our friends in Hotlanta. If you think that we roll out fabric with the argyle lax shorts pattern already on it, then think again.  Dye sublimation is the process of actually dying a liquid ink permanently into a fabric or other solid object. read more

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