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Boys Basketball Shirts

Custom Boys Basketball Shirts

Long Sleeve Basketball Shirts

Check out these very cool boys basketball shirts heading north to Massachusetts from Lightning Wear. The team designed these custom long sleeve basketball shirts online using our team uniform builder. They went with the ombre dip dye look changing from red to black. More importantly, they added the team logo and basketball to the front of these warmups. Front and back numbers and custom names were also added. All of the designs are dyed in to the moisture wicking fabric then cut and sewn together. This is an incredible process called dye sublimation. Lightning Wear is one of the few USA based manufactures of custom sports apparel and basketball uniforms.

You may think that we are just a lacrosse company. But, This is wrong. Many of the guys and gals that work here every day are multi sport athletes. We understand the growing need for an inexpensive set of custom uniforms for basketball. More so, basketball warm ups and personalized gear that are unique is a hot market.

Imitation = Flattery

My mom always taught me that imitation = flattery. However, Lightning Wear and our designs cannot be duplicated. We notice that our designs and custom patterns are even being borrowed by some of the bigger sports brands. But, I will not mention names.  The difference between us and big guys is that you will always speak with a live person when designing or ordering your gear. We are a direct garment manufacturer. This means that you know where your order is at all times of production. You do not have to wait months for a new pattern or print to show up at the over priced sports store. We can make any pattern or design that you want on any garment within a few weeks. Custom is where this industry is headed. And we are ahead of the game. But we do not overcharge you for it.

Indeed, dye sublimation surely gets away from the ordinary and plain jane designs that you also see by many of the big guys. Our long sleeve basketball shooting shirts are made to last. We use the finest and best quality dye sublimation moisture wicking material. This material is used on every garment that we produce. So, please give us a call when you are ready.  We can make designing your boys basketball uniforms, or boys basketball shirts easy and fun.

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