OG Shorts


Custom OG Shorts

  • OG SIde Slant design – First of its kind
  • 100% micromesh polyester material.
  • Available in any color combination
  • Add your logo, team name, team number or finish.
  • Adult and youth sizes are available.
  • Side panels with different pattern or color options also available.
  • Get lacrosse shorts custom in any color or style.


Check out these custom OG shorts made by Lightning Wear.  We proudly re-introduced the lacrosse short that put us on the map.  Now we can do these in over 10000 color combinations.  One of the biggest obstacles we ran in to back when we first opened up was keeping inventory on these shorts.  We started out with about four colors in 2 different variations.  But we learned fast that not every school was red, black or navy blue.  We  had demands for orange, brown, yellow, green and every other color in the spectrum.

So we decided to make these on our own.  The hassle of manufacturing and bulk buying from overseas really hurt us.  Our manufacturers at the time demanded large quantities and full payment at the time of the order.  So we decided we wanted to learn how to sew.  And that my friends is where it all began.  We went from working out of a basement to a full scale manufacturing facility.  And our printers, presses and sewing machines are the best in the business.

The OG shorts from 2006 really put us on the map.  Now almost 15 years later, we make everything in house.  And our possibilities for design and manufacturing are endless.  So if you need anything, please call or write us.


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