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British Flag Shirts

Custom British Flag Shirts

British Flag Shirts from Lightning Wear. Here goes a set to our Brit Ams in Norwalk Connecticut. Get your custom flag pinnies made in Kensington, Maryland USA. We ship ANYWHERE. Thanks for the order.

What I wanted to know is what about her majesty. One of the big guys here at Lightning Wear lived in England for the first 30 years of his life. He played on the Black pool premier league soccer team. If you are lucky every once in a while he will answer the phone. He always throws the American callers off with his strong accent. Most times people will ask him where is Austrailia he is from. But that is a whole other story. What we get from him is not only his strong work effort but his great eye for style and creativity. He is an artist that knows fashion, especially for all of you soccer players.

So if you call in and Buckley answers the phone, be sure to give him a hard time. Just do not ask him what part of Austrailia he is from.

Be sure to check out our long sleeve Union Jack flag shirt too.

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