camouflage lacrosse shirts

Camouflage Lacrosse Shirts – Camo Shirt

Design Camouflage Lacrosse Shirts – Camo Shirt

Check out these camouflage lacrosse shirts going to the CSC stangs. They went with their own custom camo pattern with blue black and light blue colors. The text was outlined in black to make it really stand out more due to the use of the light colors. They also chose to put their team numbers on the front and back of the shooter shirts along with a custom name. They left the sleeves in solid white to help accent the cool side panels and logo. We make these in adult and youth sizes. Most high school teams like this one are generally ordering adult medium through XXL size ranges of shooter shirts.

Camo Print Shooting Shirts

The wonderful thing about camouflage is that it can cover a variety of different colors and designs and still look awesome. Often times you are able to even make your own camouflage with a higher quality picture or resolution. We have made special camouflage shooter shirts and shorts where the customer actually added lacrosse sticks in to the pattern. The possibilities and design options are endless and we have very talented artists to walk you through the whole process.

How do we get the camo on the shirts?

You are probably wondering how the heck we get the camo on the shirt itself without it peeling off or washing out. Great thought but simple process. We use high end wide format printers with special dye and paper that allows us to imprint material at a very high heat. Once the ink is transferred on to the paper and then the fabric, it is cut out by our staff and sent to our in house sewing department. Yes thats right, on any given day we have between 10 and 20 very skilled seamstresses that are willing to work around the clock to get your order to you on time. Call us for your next camouflage lacrosse shirt order. Made in the USA.

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