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Custom Fraternity Shorts

Sublimated Custom Fraternity Shorts

Pi Kappa Alpha Custom Shorts

Custom fraternity shorts from Lightning Wear. By far, one of my favorite pairs of shorts are these maroon Pi Kappa Alpha Custom Shorts on the way to California. They sent us this cool design and we made it work on our dimple mesh. Made to order in Kensington, Maryland USA. Get your custom fraternity shorts in weeks not months.

Sublimated Shorts

We offer two styles of sublimated shorts. The first is the custom lacrosse shorts. If you look at the shorts below they are the most visible image of what you get for this style. Lacrosse shorts have a nine inch inseam. They also come with or without pockets based on your specification. Dye sublimation allows for you to design anywhere on the shorts including the inseam, behind, sides and fronts. The garment is sewn together after it is printed.

This means FULL coverage is obtainable. Many of our competitors try to pass off as sublimation specialists. Unfortunately, many are using a department store bought heat press and a blank pair of pre-sewn shorts. The result of sublimating on a pre-made garment is that there are unrecoverable lines, blemished and creases. Read the fine print because some of the competition even uses fine print disclaimers on their site to justify the garbage they are sending you.

The second style of shorts for guys (or gals) is the basketball shorts. Our basketball short is a longer style with an eleven inch inseam. The shorts also have the pocket option and the elastic waistband with drawstring. The shorts can also be printed anywhere with anything. Lacrosse shorts mens and sublimated basketball shorts both have a double hem four needle stitch that is durable and comfortable. Most fraternities prefer the pockets even for their intramural basketball teams. Call us today for your custom fraternity shorts and custom basketball uniforms.

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