girls custom headband

Custom Headband

Design Girls Custom Headband

Create a girls custom head band from Lightning Wear with any print, pattern or design.

The team Thunder will be the talk of the tournament in these custom girls lacrosse uniforms and girls custom headbands. Although they are not on our site, you can buy a custom headband in any print, pattern or design to complete the womens or girls custom lacrosse uniform. We manufacture all of our mens and womens garments in our Kensington, Maryland factory.

Thanks to the very innovative technology of dye sublimation, you can get accurate prints and patterns added to a headband. I have three daughters.  And I know after spending a weekend at a lacrosse tournament that every kid wants headbands.  And it is the thing to have is a cool headband to keep the hair back on a hot day.

Call or write us for special team pricing and designs and custom head gear.  Our dye sublimated head wraps make your uniform complete.

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