Custom Picture Shorts

Make Custom Picture Shorts

Shorts with a Picture on them

Make your own Custom Picture Shorts and Shorts with a Picture on them from Lightning Wear.

frog shorts custom lacrosse shorts

frog shorts custom lacrosse shorts

Contest time! Here is the before and after pic of this nice little frog. As you can see Lightning Wear can take your image or design and slap it on any of our apparel. Made in the USA. Make your own custom sublimated shorts in whatever pattern design or image you want to. Our site lets you upload your design or pattern print right to the garment.

We also have some stock prints like these black gold checker board shorts. You can add numbers and logos in seconds. For under $35 you can get a one of a kind pair of shorts that will be the envy of all. If you are not quite the artist, then let one of our graphic designers go at it for you. The shorts come with pockets unless you decide that you do not want it.

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