Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Falcons Custom Shooting Team Shirts

My old high school alma mater's wrestling team will be looking marvelous in these Falcon inspired custom shooting team shirts. I do not remember shorts or long sleeve shooter shirts looking this cool back when I ran** through the halls of Good Counsel back in 1992. The team chose the custom gold logo on the shoulder of the shirt and the signature GC logo on the front heart side left chest. They put each individual school year on the right sleeve along with a front vertical text Falcon down the right front side. The back had names and numbers. Call us for team pricing and school spirit wear packages for custom shooting team shirts or anything else.

High School Apparel

When I say that I ran through the halls, I meant it. When I went to high school at GC, which was back then in Wheaton, Maryland, I was the lucky freshman that had a sister who was a junior and an older brother who was a senior. Needless to say, this made my life pretty tough every day in school. My older brother's friends always made sure that I suffered a little for being the tag along freshman. My brother's one friend Rick Yune (now a famous actor and model know for his 007 role as Zao in Die Another Day) used to come in to my last period class with my social studies teacher, Mr. Jayaraja (I am sure I messed that up). He would pick up my desk with me in it and transport me down to the other end of the hall with ease. I usually spent the first fifteen minutes of the disrupted class gathering my things and getting the desk back in to Mr. J's class for a little history lesson or two. The real lesson was that Rick Yune was a bad ass and apparently still is. Even though he gave me a hard time back then, I am still proud of Rick Yune. Anyways, call us if you are looking for high school apparel or spirit wear.

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