Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Design Custom Swim Team Shorts

The PG Allstars have done it again with these custom swim team shorts that will be the talk of the meet. Every year the organizers work with the kids to come up with some crazy Maryland inspired shorts and pinnies to show off at the year end meet. This years custom lacrosse shorts may take the prize as the most Marylandish ever made by the crew. They added the signature Maryland crab enlarged on the left side and the organizations logo on the other side. To top it off, they used the base layer as the black ops Maryland flag camouflaged so that the other logos would really pop.

Sublimated Shorts

Our sublimated shorts are always easy to spot. We manufacture basketball and lacrosse shorts in any style, pattern, flag or print. I always laugh because they start off ordering about 300 pairs of shorts and 300+ pinnies but after the kids and parents see them, there is always another 100+ items that are ordered after the event. We can be sure that after the late bloomers see this set, they will be sure to get their order in for the teams custom swim team shorts and pinnies. I can remember in my day that the biggest thing our teams were able to purchase were cheap t shirts that bled.  And they shredded after three washes. I guess I should retract that. The shirts would last after three washes. But they wear and tear before the three washes might have been in the thousands. If I had a cool shirt or shorts, I would definitely get the one hundred thousand miles of wear and tear. The great thing about dye sublimated shorts is their wear. Our special inks papers and fabrics allow for unlimited wear and tear. Personally, I still own the first pair of sublimated shorts that we ever produced. So please give us a call for your custom swim team shorts and we can get you looking groovy.

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