Customize Lacrosse Jerseys

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Customize Lacrosse Jerseys

Create & Customize Lacrosse Jerseys

Customize lacrosse jerseys from Lightning Wear. We are direct cut and sew manufacturers of team uniforms and custom apparel for sports.

Special thanks to all of our Instagram followers. Here is a little something special on the way to the laxers in Church Hill Maryland. The set represents Lax Prodigy. Lax prodidigy

reached out to us and wanted to show off a set of custom shorts and reversibles for their brand. We made these little multi colored camo sets. I posted the shorts in another page earlier. Enjoy the gear and have a great summer of lax.

Keep in mind that when you are on our online uniform builder, you are not just limited to the designs that are in the tool. For instance, we did something out of the ordinary for the shoulders and side panels of the jersey pictured. You can get a great jump start by making your order online. But if you need some special assistance to make your uniform really stand out, give us a call and we can help you.

Youth Lacrosse Jerseys

For youth lacrosse jerseys, I would definitely recommend the collegiate cut lacrosse jersey. This is the wider shoulder custom sublimated jersey for kids. It definitely helps keep the cumbersome shoulder pads contained. Many times you will see pictures of kids that look miserable because their shoulder pads are falling over them. This problem can affect the way the child cradles or runs up and down the field. Collegiate cut jerseys keep the pads back and out of the way. For youth teams I also recommend keeping pockets out of the youth lacrosse shorts. Often times the butt end of the stick will get caught in the bottom of the pocket and the stick will not be able to move. Also, kids get caught with their hands in their pockets during practice or games. There is a whole other explanation for this I just do not care to get in to.

Thanks for reading this post. If you want to have us customize lacrosse jerseys for you, we are only a phone call away.

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