Customize Field Hockey Pinnies

Lightning Wear make girls and women’s field hockey pinnies.  Below we have listed a few colors and styles of our reversible jerseys for the sport.  But, really the possibilities for reversible never end.  If you can think of a design or pattern, we can make it.  And we can deliver it to you at a reasonable price in a reasonable time.  Call or write us for more details.

We produce these garments in Maryland, USA.  It normally takes 3-4 weeks on a team order.  However, if there is a date or event that you need them for, please let us know.  Also, be sure to check out our field hockey shorts and skirts.  Sizes start at youth extra small.  And they go to adult five extra large.


Please note that the products that you see above are just some of the possibilities we offer for this category.  But we manufacture our garments.  So, anything you can think of can be reproduced.  And we make all the listed products in adult and youth sizes.  See our sizing chart page for more details.

We encourage you to check out our blog for more ideas and assistance.  As well, if there is a design you see online, you can send it our way and we can try to replicate it for you.  We also offer multiple piece set discounts on team uniforms and kits.   Contact us for more details on team and bulk pricing.

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