digital camouflage shooter shirts

Digital Camouflage Shooter Shirts

Custom Digital Camouflage Shooter Shirts

Northern Kentucky Lacrosse Shirts

Check out these digital camouflage shooter shirts from Lightning Wear. We always love showing off the great work of our artists and customers. The pictured uniforms are boys shooter shirts sublimated. The customer added the red white and blue digital camouflage print. As well, they used the teams very cool logo. We made the shirts in adult and kids sizes for the team. But we always loving adding a few extra big sizes for moms and dads in the stands. Our shirts are great for spirit wear as well as team warm ups.

The Warriors also ordered a full set of custom lacrosse uniforms. We manufactured custom lacrosse shorts with pockets, sublimated pinnies and a reversible full sleeved lacrosse jersey that we will picture in a later post. Indeed, it makes all of us very excited this season to see the amount of expansion that the sport of lacrosse has experienced. This is the fifth Kentucky team that we have outfitted in the last two weeks.

The lacrosse season has officially begun. Today it was a sunny 77 degrees here in Maryland. I know that if the weather keeps continuing as it is we will be busier than ever. Unfortunately we get a lot of last minute customers that are pushing the envelope with due dates. We definitely understand the stress and pain it takes to assemble a team order.

Pay To Play

Please consider our site too though. Many customers want to be pushed to the front of the line for their order. As our production manager says it best, you have to pay to play. We know we have great repeat customers. Sadly though, if you have not finalized your order with us, it will not get started. We do not want to be the fall guy on your order, so please just stay on your parents and get that order in. Thanks for reading my post on digital camouflage shooter shirts.

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