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Custom field hockey sweatshirts from Lightning Wear. If anyone has noticed recently, we have been adding a lot of cool products to our design ideas area of our site. We have added some security features to the lacrosse pinnies site to help us keep our customer’s information safe and sound. My daughters recently signed up for winter indoor field hockey, so I thought it would be a good time for us to add some cool hoodies for field hockey so you can look cool with your team when you are going to practice or playing in the game.

Design and Order Online Field Hockey Sweatshirts

The picture above shows the category image for our field hockey section. As you may know we carry a large number of different field hockey apparel products. Like every other garment on the site, the field hockey sweatshirts can be personalized with custom logos, prints, patterns, names and numbers.

These images you can place in our uniform builder essentially anywhere on the garment. Sometimes our online tool does not let you create what you are really looking for. Therefore, we have very talented graphic artists on site to talk you through your design and make the field hockey hoodies look spectacular.

We are one of the few USA based manufacturers that does all of our fabrication in house from start to finish. We used wide format printers, high quality dye sublimation inks and the best fabric and assembly products available. You should always be careful ordering garments from inexperienced third party vendors or overseas manufacturers.

We offer our hoodies in adult and kids sizes. It makes from polyester-cotton mix fleece that make a great outer base layer. As the cooler temperatures continue here on the east coast. We definitely notice a bigger demand for warmup gear and custom hooded sweatshirts. Call us today for a team quote for your custom field hockey sweatshirts.

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