Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Custom Floral Print Long Sleeve Shirts

Check out these floral print long sleeve shirts heading north to Glastonbury. The team uploaded this special print using our add your own print feature. The crisp but very clean G on the front. They also added custom names and numbers to the back of the shirts. In all, these turned out fantastic to say the least. With our long sleeve shooter shirts, you can design them any way you want. This leaves the door open for millions of design possibilities and color options. I am not sure whether these were custom long sleeve basketball shooter shirts or long sleeve lacrosse shirts. But either way I can tell you if you are looking for a way to make the team stand out and play better I say that these are the solution.

Long Sleeve Shooter Shirts

Our long sleeve shooter shirts are available in adult and kids sizes. Sublimated long sleeve warmup shirts can be designed online  So just use our custom uniform builder. My recommendation is to just send us the list of names and numbers instead of using the add name number feature. If your order is 20-30 pieces, sending to our design team will save you time and aggravation. Just send us an organized spread sheet with the name, number and desired size. We will take it from there. Keep in mind also that you can outline the text of your shirt with any color. The best results for fonts are non italic styles. A lot of times when you are using an italic font, double numbers tend to get shrunk or need adjustment. You are better off using a collegiate or square font that shows clearly. We can fit up to 24 characters for the names. So for all of my polish and greek bretheran, do not worry about your names being too long. We have you covered. Call us for your quote on custom floral print long sleeve shirts.

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