Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Womens Lacrosse Shirts

Check out the girls capped sleeve lacrosse shirts we made for the Viper and Venon girls lacrosse teams. For a long time now we have been outfitting our girls and womens teams with the unisex lacrosse shooter shirts. We finally hit the drawing board with our own pattern and style we think you ladies are going to love. Lightning Wear manufactures these in adult and youth sizes for girls and women. Our youth sizes start at youth extra small and go to girls three x large.
The girls lacrosse shirts we manufacture are limitless when it comes to design and personalization options.
What does this mean? This means that you can add any color, pattern, print logo or name/number text to any part of the garment. We use a special printing process called dye sublimation. Every square inch of the fabric you will be wearing can be embellished with any color image. You can take a picture of your favorite food, pet or logo and add it to any part of the shirt. Add a logo to the sleeve or side panel. You can also create custom nicknames or funky patterns. The girls shirts are a standard size. So if you are unsure, I would recommend going off a regular t shirt size. More so, when in doubt go up a size to be safe. These shirts make great warmup shirts, or they can be used as a capped sleeve lacrosse jersey as well. The shirts are not just limited to lacrosse. Capped sleeves are great for many other sports including field hockey, soccer, basketball. They are even fantastic for working out at the gym. The difference is that the girls capped sleeve lacrosse shirts you see pictured have designs with endless possibilities.

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