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Girls lacrosse shirts from Lightning Wear. The boy Falcons from Sandy Spring have been getting all of the attention recently. Here goes some nice little lady shooter shirts to the Lady Falcons. Thanks for the order and good luck with the season! We are currently working on our actual girls custom shooter shirts. These are more form fitting and can designed just like all of the other products on our site. Feel free to call our art department to work on your next girls team project. We have in house graphic artist that can go beyond the scope of our online design tool. Add team girls lacrosse shorts, shooter shirts and racerback pinnies for under $90. We also make girls long sleeve lacrosse shirts that can be personalized with any graphic, name or number.

girls lacrosse shirts

girls lacrosse shirts

Shooter Shirts come in Adult and Youth Sizes

The picture above shows a unisex lacrosse shooter shirt. These can also be purchased in long sleeve styles as well. All garments are printed, cut and sewn in Kensington, Maryland USA. They went with the hot pink sleeves and blue collars. The navy blue front and backs really looked awesome with the watermarked falcon in the body of the shirts. They also added the team logo on the back and front numbers and text. In all, these girls lacrosse shirts look great.

We also offer these girls lax shirts in kids sizes too. I know this because each of my three daughters is always asking for shirts that they see on our blog and instagram accounts. We currently have two instagram accounts, @laxpinnies and @lightningwear. The more popular account is the @laxpinnies one. We try to showcase some of the cool designs and different styles that we manufacture here in Maryland. People always ask why they did not get chosen for the pic. Really it is up to the person on our side that is taking pics for the day. But you can always write before hand and we can make and effort to post your gear. Also, we love team pics. If you send us one, there is a good chance it will make it to our blog. Give us a call for your next girls lacrosse shirts purchase.

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