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Girls Lacrosse Sweatshirts – Womens Custom Lacrosse Sweatshirts

Custom Girls Lacrosse Sweatshirts

The weather gets a little chilly here in Maryland and next thing you know everyone is designing and ordering girls lacrosse sweatshirts. Thank you to our pals in Maryland with the CC Lax group. These special made with care girls lacrosse sweatshirts make great warm ups before the chilly spring game starts.

girls Lacrosse Sweatshirts

girls Lacrosse Sweatshirts

Womens Custom Lacrosse Sweatshirts

The great thing about sublimated sweatshirts is that the possibilities are endless. We often get people that call and ask if they can add a print or a design that they have in a certain place on the sweatshirt. The answer is YES. The fabric starts out white. Using a high end printer, we prepare the pattern and artwork. Then the special paper is heat applied on to the fabric where it starts solid turns liquid heats and dries back to a solid on the fabric.

From there, the fleece material is cut piece by piece and sewn together for a finished product. Different names and numbers can be added to each hoodie for personalization. The finished product is then inspected and shipped to you. And thats how a sweatshirt is made, right here in Kensington, Maryland USA.

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