Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Girls Lacrosse Uniforms

The Eagles girls have perfected the girls' racerback jerseys using our dye sublimation technology. As you are able to see by the picture, the possibilities for design options and print on your custom girl's jerseys are endless. Also, the girls uploaded a very scenic and pretty palm trees and sands logo to the design tool on the site. They added custom names and numbers to the back of the jerseys on both sides.

Racerback Jersey: The Lightning Wear Process

Perhaps, the biggest email question we get is from customers wanting to know how to print on the inside of the reversible pinnies. It is definitely more simple than it looks. Once you add your design to the shirt or jersey, you should be ready to checkout. Hit the buy it now button. Immediately, a box should appear on your screen. The box will ask if you would like to print on the inner side of the garment. Then, you are asked to map the colors that you want to change your print to. If you are unsure of the selection, just call us and we can walk you through it.

Girls Lacrosse Shorts

We have the widest variety of girls' lacrosse shorts on the planet. You can design your own using our shorts builder, or you can request that our artists' design for you at no extra charge. It would definitely be cool to have a matching pair of women's lacrosse shorts for this design. Our girl's lax shorts are a six-inch inseam. Most of the teams we outfit for girls do not have pockets in their shorts. But, we can add pockets to your shorts if you want them. Also, girls have been loving our custom girls' lacrosse shirts that we just added to the site. Also, the shirts are available in adult and youth sizes. Moreover, you can add team names numbers or any design at the click of the mouse. Call us today for your girls' lacrosse uniform needs and girls racerback jerseys.

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