Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Check out these cool looking hockey practice jerseys we made for the Ice Miners in Utah.

So, you may think that Lightning Wear is just a lacrosse company. Don't be so quick to judge. What you don't know is that our roots are much deeper than just lacrosse. Like Wayne Gretsky, we also play many sports. Thus, it allows us to reach more people who are interested in customized jerseys. 

Did you know that Wayne Gretsky loves and has play lacrosse most of his life?

The same goes from our all star crew here. We have a former British Premier league soccer player on staff. We also had a ton of high school and college all star in all girls and boys sports. Does little league count?

My point is, we can manufacture apparel and custom practice and game uniforms for just about any sport. Additionally, many of our hockey teams love our knock around sublimated hockey shorts too. It's one of our masterpieces and we are proud to present this to everyone. 

What to expect with our hockey practice jerseys?

One of the things that makes us different in this industry is we offer customized jerseys. You can add team names and numbers with ease. Moreover, you can add any logos prints or patterns to any part of the shorts. We can also make any designs you want. Our top priority is customer satisfaction, so we always make sure to give everything you want. Name it and we wil do it for you! Call us for team pricing and special discounts today. And make sure you check out the post that the team sent us in their Ice Miners Hockey pinnies.  They also made some cool custom shorts that we will post in another article soon.


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