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Hockey Shooter Shirts – Wounded Warrior

Custom Hockey Shooter Shirts

Hockey shooter shirts have made their way to the Mount Saint Josephs hockey team in Baltimore, Maryland in great support of our wounded warriors. The schools colors are purple so they decided to do a camo themed shirt in honor of our troops. The grey mixes of camouflage looked great with the purple shoulder and neck accents for their hockey shooter shirts.

Thanks very much for sending this slick picture of the gents hanging out at the rink. The weather is so cold here in Maryland that you could probably strap on your skates and slide through a local grocery store parking lot.

All of our custom shooter shirts are made to order in Kensington, Maryland USA. Generally these shirts are a loose fitting garment that are breathable and moisture wicking. Be sure to call our art department for any design ideas or pattern questions. You can add your schools logo or motto and place it just about anywhere on the garment. Be sure to share this post with our share buttons if you like it. Thanks for visiting our blog and special thanks to the Mt. St. Joes guys for playing hard for the cause.

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