irish flag sweatshirts

Irish Flag Sweatshirts

Custom Irish Flag Sweatshirts

With the big Mayweather v. McGregor fight coming up, our sales of Irish flag items especially the Irish flag sweatshirts are selling like hotcakes.

Check out these custom Ireland flag sweatshirts we have been manufacturing. We had some fight fans that want to make sure that they are outfitted in style for perhaps one of the biggest brawls in boxing history. Also, the style and charisma of Conor McGregor make this such an exciting match. The oddsmakers are scrambling to make sure they cover their tails. It is one of the most anticipated fights so a lot of people had their bets on who would win. But, whatever the result will be, we hope it will be a fair fight.

Putting the big fight aside for a minute, let’s get back to basics. As Michael Jordan says, both sides buy our product. So we hope it is a great match up. More importantly, we hope both sides have some fans that are wearing our custom gear. It will be cool to see their fans wearing flag sweatshirts while watching the game, right?

Flag Sweatshirts for The Win!

If you are interested, be sure to check out some of our other Irish gear for your team or organization. We can dye sublimate any flag pattern or style with unlimited colors and patterns. Name it and we can create them for you! So, be ready for any epic game and wear something that shows your support. Call us today for your special designs or custom hooded sweatshirts ideas. Here is the link to our Irish flag hooded sweatshirts.

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