Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Long Sleeve Basketball Shooting Shirts and Key club shirts from Lightning Wear. Here goes some custom shooting shirts in long sleeves to the Key Club. They wanted their Gold logo to stand out sharply with the navy blue to gold ombre fade. These shirts are great for showing off team logos. For this one, they added two different sponsor logos. As well, custom names and numbers were added. Long Sleeve Shooter shirts are cool because you can add long logos to the sleeves or arms. As well you can create different color sleeves and collars with a great contrast to the body of the shirt. In all, they make for a better billboard display of your team or organization. We offer these shooting shirts for basketball in youth and adult sizes for girls and guys. They are unisex which means that girls can order and fit them perfectly fine as well. When you are ready to order your custom long sleeved shirts, give us a call and we can help you design and place your order. Mention that you read this post and we can give you an additional 10% off. I still remember the old basketball uniforms our sixth grade tournament team wore for the end of the season championship. One of the guys on the team decided that we should get green cotton sweatshirts to match our skin tight basketball shorts and tops. They looked like they had been handed down from the past decades team. More so, they smelled like it. But there must have been something in them that let us play our hearts out and go on to victory. Sorry to reminisce. Funny how memories of old gear brighten the day. Thanks for reading our blog post on custom basketball shirts. Be sure to check out our design ideas for basketball below.

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