Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Customize Lacrosse Blankets

Get your custom lacrosse blankets with any design size or pattern on them. I know we show a lot of cool and sometimes wacky shirts, shorts, lacrosse pinnies,shooter shirts and hooded sweatshirts. The possibilities of printing and sewing do not end with wearable garments. Check out these lacrosse blankets going out to our Sandy Spring falcons football team. Technically you can wear the, and I know I named the postlacrosse blanketsbut its too late for corrections. The blankets are about 55" x 80" and are great for when you are sitting down watching the game on the ground or just looking to stay warm with your favorite player. These sell for around $35 and make great holiday presents.
lacrosse blankets
lacrosse blankets

Custom Fleece Blankets

The cool thing about these custom fleece blanketsis that since they are dye sublimated, you can add any logo, name, number, picture, color, font, pattern or design idea that you can think of. It prints much like a sign would and then is added to the fabric at a high temperature. We then sew the ends of it to make it last and you are ready to snuggle in your new blankie. Call us for special team pricing and delivery information. Made in Kensington, USA.

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