Lacrosse Shirts

lacrosse shirts

Lacrosse Shirts

Make Your Own Custom Lacrosse Shirts

Lightning Wear is a USA manufacturer of custom short sleeve shooter lacrosse shirts. The 1787 lacrosse team wanted an eye catching shirt that would let their team stand out at tournaments and other team events. Here is a little trivia for you. 1787 plays a significant meaning to our friends to the NE of Delaware. Delaware became the first state to ratify the Federal Constitution, thus making Delaware the first state in the New Nation. I cannot think of a better way to show your team and state pride than to wear a set of custom shooting shirts. The team also added sublimated lacrosse shorts and custom lacrosse jerseys. These articles of clothing were designed with the help of our awesome on site graphic artists.

Summer Lacrosse Uniforms

We make lacrosse uniforms for any season. But our summer lacrosse uniforms are always the talk of the town and the cubicles here as well. We make adult and youth lacrosse uniforms in any color pattern style or design that you can imagine. Camouflage, floral and modern zig zag patterns seem to be the summer favorite so far. Dip dye, as show above, is by far the leader. Sometimes we get calls from customers stating that they cannot design what they wanted on our design lab. The our uniform builder tool is really awesome and helpful for the moderate to advanced person.

If you are looking for a really detailed artwork or designs, we have you covered. We have over 30 years of art and print graphic experience. More so, we know what looks good and bad. Even if you design and order online, feel free to call us and we can get you looking sharp.

Girls Lacrosse Uniforms

Girls lacrosse uniforms are a big summer seller as well. We manufacture girls lacrosse shorts, girls lacrosse jerseys and custom girls lacrosse shirts with any print pattern or color. Being the dad of three lacrosse playing daughters under the age of 15, I can relate to the needs and requirements for girls lacrosse. Feel free to call me to discuss any design or sizing issues. Lightning Wear outfits girls from as young as four years old to as old as 100+. We had the pleasure last summer of making a set of family reunion shirts for a gentleman that turned 101. Hope you are still alive Doc and doing well.

So if you are looking for short sleeve shooter shirts or any custom long sleeve shooting shirts, call us at 888-438-7875 and we can help make your design a reality.

Create Sublimated Lacrosse Shirts

Shop sublimated lacrosse shirts from Lightning Wear. Here goes some great shooting shirts to the Garden spot lacrosse team.

Sublimated Lacrosse Shirts

Sublimated Lacrosse Shirts

Custom sublimated shooter shirts are also made in Kensington, Maryland. Available in any color, pattern or style. Garden spot went with a unique and very crisp powder blue and gray digital camouflage. They added the awesome contrasting logo on the front. On the back of the shirts they added custom names and team nicknames. For around $35 dollars, you can get a great looking shirt.

Monogrammed Camouflage Shooter Shirts

Check out these very cool monogrammed camouflage shooter shirts from Lightning Wear. I actually designed these for my daughters because they were looking for cool camo gear for an end of school year party. They wanted a cool monogram with their initials and some earth camo. In all I think that these shirts really turned out great. There are hundreds of different types of camouflage. Add any logo, pattern or design to our shirt patterns.

camouflage shooter shirts

camouflage shooter shirts

What you see is an actual digital file that we print on a wide format dye sublimation printer. The printer uses special inks and paper that soak the moisture. Then the printed roll of paper is taken over to our enormous calendar press. On the press it goes. It is married to moisture wicking fabric at a very high temperature. This process is permanent so if there are any blemishes or mistakes in the print paper or print file, here is where you see it. We can make up to 500 shirts per day.

After the ink is applied to the fabric, it is cut on a wide table with electric knives. Then it is sewn together for the finished product. There are five pieces on the standard custom shirts. Be sure to check out our camo marine shorts too.

So if you have a print or picture in mind, send it to us.  We can turn just about any decent graphic in to a stunning shirt.  Or you can used some of our stock camo prints on the site.  And add any print pattern or logo you want.  It all gets printed together. So there are no upcharges for colors or prints either.  Pretty cool right?

Custom Black Ops American Flag Shirts

Our friends in Laurel Maryland will be playing with pride for their team and country in these black ops American Flag ShirtsThe team and their coaches put together one of the coolest designs that any Marylander or American would be proud to wear. They loved them so much that they ended up ordering a second batch for parents and additional players. These American flag shirts were delivered in less than 10 days because the team paid our RUSH service fee. They personalized them with a custom team motto on the back. Call us for pricing and special delivery options for your team shirts or custom lacrosse uniforms.

Blackops American Flag Shirts

Blackops American Flag Shirts

Lacrosse Shirts Sizing

Unless you plan on wearing pads underneath your lacrosse shooter shirts we recommend you ordering off of your regular t shirt size. We make these shirts to order in adult and youth sizes. Plenty of girls teams also order off of our regular plain shooter shirt. For any sizing or design questions, please be sure to call us for our recommendations.

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