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Lightning Wear is a USA manufacturer of custom short sleeve shooter lacrosse shirts. The 1787 lacrosse team wanted an eye catching shirt that would let their team stand out at tournaments and other team events. Here is a little trivia for you. 1787 plays a significant meaning to our friends to the NE of Delaware. Delaware became the first state to ratify the Federal Constitution, thus making Delaware the first state in the New Nation. I cannot think of a better way to show your team and state pride than to wear a set of custom shooting shirts. The team also added sublimated lacrosse shorts and custom lacrosse jerseys. These articles of clothing were designed with the help of our awesome on site graphic artists.



create-sublimated-lacrosse shirts1

Summer Lacrosse Uniforms

We make lacrosse uniforms for any season. But our summer lacrosse uniforms are always the talk of the town and the cubicles here as well. We make adult and youth lacrosse uniforms in any color pattern style or design that you can imagine. Camouflage, floral and modern zig zag patterns seem to be the summer favorite so far. Dip dye, as show above, is by far the leader. Sometimes we get calls from customers stating that they cannot design what they wanted on our design lab. The our uniform builder tool is really awesome and helpful for the moderate to advanced person.


If you are looking for a really detailed artwork or designs, we have you covered. We have over 30 years of art and print graphic experience. More so, we know what looks good and bad. Even if you design and order online, feel free to call us and we can get you looking sharp.

Long Sleeve Lacrosse Shirts

Girls lacrosse uniforms are a big summer seller as well. We manufacture girls lacrosse shorts, girls lacrosse jerseys and custom girls lacrosse shirts with any print pattern or color. Being the dad of three lacrosse playing daughters under the age of 15, I can relate to the needs and requirements for girls lacrosse. Feel free to call me to discuss any design or sizing issues. Lightning Wear outfits girls from as young as four years old to as old as 100+. We had the pleasure last summer of making a set of family reunion shirts for a gentleman that turned 101. Hope you are still alive Doc and doing well.

So if you are looking for short sleeve shooter shirts or any custom long sleeve shooting shirts, call us at 888-438-7875 and we can help make your design a reality.


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We run a pretty tight ship here at Lightning Wear. We do offer expedited services for a fee. Otherwsie, your order will likely process in around 21 business days. Depending on the time of the season, that turn time can change for the better or the worse. If you need sooner, let us know and we will try to help with your sublimated lax uniforms. Naturally, we are humans so we know that parents and coaches sometimes will forget to place their order in time for their tournament or deadline.

Our team understands these circumstances. We are always willing to help in every way we can. Our company wants to get you your order of custom uniforms within a reasonable amount of time. We are fun people that are always willing to help. Unfortunately, we do not take kindly to bullies. If you think screaming or bossing us around is going to make your order go any faster, you are likely only going to make things worse.

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For your uniform information. Our sublimated lacrosse uniforms are the most durable and long lasting on the market.