lacrosse shooter shirts with fade

Lacrosse Shooter Shirts with Fade

Create Lacrosse Shooter Shirts with Fade

Lacrosse shirts with fade in whatever color you want. Custom lacrosse shooter shirts with fade from Lightning Wear. This has to be one of the hottest color combos and designs for lacrosse shooting shirts this season. And it is not just limited to lacrosse. We make these shirts for all types of sports and recreational teams. If you have a design idea in mind or cannot seem to navigate our site properly contact us HERE. 

Grafton lacrosse shirts

Grafton lacrosse will be looking beastly in the pictured black to blue fade shirts with the red sleeves. They went with a one color front logo and names and numbers personalized on the sleeve and back of the shooting shirt. Keep in mind that the design is dyed in to the fabric before we sew it, so you can add any type of print or design you are able to think of.  But in the grand scheme of things, these shirts are pretty simple in design.

The shooters are not just for lacrosse though.  We outfit tons of soccer, basketball, field hockey, football, wrestling and volleyball teams too.  And you have the choice of either a sleeveless shirt, long sleeve shooter, or a short sleeved one like the Grafton shirt.

Designs can range from simple like the pictured shirt to intricate.  So an intricate shirt would have twenty logos, crazy patterns and custom names or numbers.  Whatever design you think would make your team look and play great is the best choice.  Short sleeve shooter shirts can be designed any way you want them.

So what design are you and the  team going to go for?  Call us for your lacrosse shooting shirts for all ages groups and sizes. And if you are having difficulty with designs or sizing, we are only a phone call away.

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