Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Custom Lacrosse Shooting Shirts

Our Lacrosse shooting shirts are custom made in Maryland USA by Lightning Wear Apparel. Pictured is a white shooter shirt on its way south to the lacrosse boys team in Georgia. Lets hope that the big brown trucks can plow through the rare ice and snow in Georgia. Our customer told us that its like a ghost town, with 12,000 people exiting for warmer temperatures. Hopefully the weather warms up in time for the team to enjoy these custom lacrosse shooting shirts. The team stayed with a basic white color and amplified their logos with a center large placement. We added team numbers to the sleeves and a cool slogan at the bottom tail of the back of the shirt. Our shooter shirts are made with a dimple poly mesh and a double stitched durable collar.


When ordering shooting shirts, we recommend that you order based off of a regular t shirt size. Here is a link to the shooter shirt size chart for more info. Since they are polyester, they are less likely to shrink when washed. Machine was in warm temp and dry on a regular heat. Keep in mind that you are able to add logo placement and personalization to just about any part of the shirt. Although the pictured shirts look fantastic, they are on the plain side of what can really be done to adorn the shirt. Sorry SF Select we do love these shirts. However, this shirt is not a great example of sublimated shirt. It does not really haveall over printing. They still look extremely cool. We recommend that you look through our blog posts for more shirt ideas. Or feel free to call us with any design ideas for questions. And please be sure to share our blog posts using the social media share buttons. Thanks for visiting our site.

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