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Get your Lacrosse sweatshirt from Lightning Wear. Design lax sweatshirts any way you want to. Here goes a fresh set of custom sublimated lacrosse sweatshirts on the way to Baltimore for the Forest Hill Wolfpack Lacrosse team. We love how the silver on these really pops out. Of course, being a Maryland team, they incorporated a never seen before look of green with black fade MD flag.

Lacrosse Sweatshirts Designs

The great thing about the process of dye sublimation is that you can be as unique and creative with the patterns and styles that you want. Yes, we have about 6-8 different styles we post on our site for you to go off of as a starter. This does not mean you are restricted to these designs, they are just there as some simple idea helpers. Pictured below is one of the sweatshirts we have done where you can design it using our stock design template. Pretty nice but only as limited as what you can do on the site.

custom lax hooded sweatshirts

custom lax hooded sweatshirts

If you have a better idea, you are not limited or restricted to this site. We are in the process of adding a ton more design templates and styles on to the site. If you are an artists and would like to help with the project we are hiring junior graphic designers right now. Please send us your resume and our manager of the art department will give you a call.

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