usa lacrosse uniforms
USA lacrosse uniforms


Affordable Lacrosse Uniforms For Every Teams Budget

A reliable Lacrosse uniforms source is required for every team or organization.  Are you Looking for team pricing on custom sublimated lacrosse uniforms? Lightning Wear is your go-to option. We have been manufacturing custom lax uniforms since 2006.

  • Made in Maryland, USA
  • Available in Adult & Youth Sizes
  • Fast Turn Times
  • Men’s and Women’s Styles Available
  • Graphic Art Department on Site


Design & Make Lacrosse Uniforms

Summer time is always the time to make lacrosse uniforms. The Silver Spring Warriors took it over the top with these custom sublimated uniforms.  The Silver

make lacrosse uniforms

make lacrosse uniforms

Spring Warriors are heading to Ocean City Maryland this summer to compete in some tournaments down there with other youth lacrosse programs. Their head in charge happens to be one of my old friends and lacrosse buddies from the nineties. He wanted a lacrosse uniform that the team and parents would never forget. To Drales’ credit, he did all of the art work and designing. We took his ideas and with some fine tuning from our great artists, we came up with a finished product that was incredible.

Collegiate Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Uniforms

The team went with the wide shoulder collegiate lacrosse pinnies. These things have a slightly wider shoulder. There were a number of different logos and designs that all wrapped in with the strong text. The team added numbers on the fronts and backs of the jerseys. On the back neck they added their signature warrior logo. The team was comprised of various adult and youth sizes. In all these looked fantastic.


Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

The team ordered sublimated lacrosse shorts with custom sublimated pockets. In keeping with the theme they went with mermaid gills. These will be likely the most memorable and cool lacrosse shorts that they have ever worn. The red waistband with elastic drawstrings really complete the look of the shorts. We made these shorts in sizes ranging from youth extra small to adult three extra large for some of the parents and coaches.

Lacrosse Shirts

The Silver Spring lacrosse shirts were the piece that iced the cake. They continued the mermaid gill theme on the shoulders and neck of the shirts. When you put these under the lacrosse pinnies, they were instant hits. The team continued the look with the logos, numbers and back print logos. Again, these were probably some of the best summer lacrosse uniforms I have seen come across the cutting table.

Everything you see here was made from scratch in our Maryland USA factory. We are one of the few and leading manufacturers of custom sublimated uniforms. If you team is looking to make lacrosse uniforms, please give us a call.  Be sure to check out our basketball uniforms too.

personalized lacrosse jerseys

personalized lacrosse jerseys

Design Your Lacrosse Uniforms

Here goes a set of personalized lacrosse jerseys to one of our favorite customers in Hewlett New York. Funny enough these sleeved lacrosse jerseys were made tough but will never see a game in action.

Our customer did senior gifts for each of the graduating stars of the varsity lacrosse team. So, she and some other moms, and dads chipped in to buy personalized jerseys for the boys (now men) to put in their dorms at college.

We currently offer three styles of lacrosse game jerseys similar to the ones pictured. I should absolutely rephrase this. We over 1000+ different styles that you can make. Also, our online jersey maker only currently has three different styles. Moreover, we use a process known as dye sublimation. There are a lot of companies that say they offer dye sublimation uniforms, but you must be very careful.

Our Personalized Lacrosse Jerseys and What Makes Lightning Wear Different

Unlike many of the current vendors for team apparel, which makes Lightning Wear different than others is our direct manufacturing. That is correct. We print, cut, and sew your garment in our Kensington, Maryland factory. Our team knows where your garments are at every stage of the process. Some of our employees have worked in the biggest factories for apparel manufactures and our competitors all over the world. They are extremely experienced and stand ready to take your order and make you and your team look great. Custom uniforms have a special and very unique process that our experts have mastered.

We are always told that our prices are too cheap for the service and product that we offer. That is not completely true. We are average to our competitors in the industry. Our feeling is that we charge a fair price but we give exceptional service and product. So, you will never have to feel like you are being dodged by your vendor or not getting the proper attention. We are parents, players, and coaches too. Lightning Wear wants you and your team coming back to us for personalized lacrosse jerseys and team apparel for years to come.

Call us today to discuss your next team apparel purchase at 888-438-7875. Our in house graphic artists will work up a design that will impress. If you feel more comfortable discussing your personalized lacrosse jerseys purchase in person, just stop on into our Maryland USA factory.

Make Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

Design Lacrosse Uniforms

Sublimated lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear. Here goes a great set of lacrosse pinnies, shooter shirts and custom lacrosse shorts to our friends out in Portland Oregon. EPL Select went with some RunD inspired lacrosse reversibles. The lacrosse shorts were custom made with the team logo on the side of the left panel and the shooter shirts were white with custom logos and team numbers.

We are the leading manufacturer of custom sublimated adult and youth lacrosse uniforms for teams all over the world. If you have a design in mind that you cannot seem to be able to create on our custom designer site, please just give us a call or use our contact us section.

What is the process?

We run a pretty tight ship here at Lightning Wear. We do offer expedited services for a fee. Otherwsie, your order will likely process in around 21 business days. Depending on the time of the season, that turn time can change for the better or the worse. If you need sooner, let us know and we will try to help with your sublimated lax uniforms. Naturally, we are humans so we know that parents and coaches sometimes will forget to place their order in time for their tournament or deadline.

Our team understands these circumstances. We are always willing to help in every way we can. Our company wants to get you your order of custom uniforms within a reasonable amount of time. We are fun people that are always willing to help. Unfortunately, we do not take kindly to bullies. If you think screaming or bossing us around is going to make your order go any faster, you are likely only going to make things worse.

Lacrosse Uniforms Production

The lacrosse uniforms production can take some time. Please keep in mind that, as I reminded a fun customer the other day, production takes time. These custom uniforms do not get hatched out like an egg. Indeed, there is time and preparation associated with the designing, printing, personalizing, pressing, sewing, counting and shipping of your order. You may think that because you ordered twenty five jerseys that it is a small order and should be completed fast. What you may not realize is that you are not the only team ordering and there are customers ahead of you.

One of our artists can work with you to develop your masterpiece. More importantly, we can deliver your custom lacrosse uniforms when you need them. There is now worry or headache of custom delays or overseas headaches. Call us today at 888-438-7875 for your uniform information. Our sublimated lacrosse uniforms are themost durable and long lasting on the market.

Sublimated Lacrosse Team Uniforms

Sublimated Lacrosse Team Uniforms from Lightning Wear Apparel. We love what we do here at our Maryland cut and sew factory.From start to finish, we can customize your idea in to a finished sublimated jersey, sublimated lacrosse shorts,andsublimated shooter shirts. When it comes to men’s, womens or kids sublimated lacrosse uniforms,we are your source. Unlike overseas manufacturers, or many of the companies today that become the middle man,

Lightning Wear manufactures all of our product from our East Coast operations center in Kensington, Maryland. If you are in Maryland, come by and see us and we can walk you through the easy steps of the sublimated lacrosse uniforms process. Have a special font or design in mind? Call us and we can make it real. We make for all sports including basketball uniforms, soccer uniforms, field hockey uniforms and many more.

sublimated lacrosse team uniforms

sublimated lacrosse team uniforms

Matching shorts are not a problem. Sometimes we have teams that get two sets of shorts for home and away games. If that is the case, we can work out an affordable package deal. We like saving money for you and the club.

Team Spirit Wear

We are also capable of making your team spirit wear. If you have a long sleeve shooting shirt, hooded sweatshirt or custom t shirt in mind that you want us to decorate, please give us a call and we can definitely take care of it from there. Pictured is a big set of reversible jerseys we manufactured for a big organization.

They had several different color combinations for adult and kids sizing. A few of the moms decided that they wanted some matching t shirts sublimatedWe helped them create a very stylish and unique shirt that both parents and their kids could wear. Its a great way of showing their pride of the club. Call us and we can help with team pricing and team wear discounts.

Create Graphic Lacrosse Uniforms

graphic lacrosse uniforms

graphic lacrosse uniforms

Earlier in the year we posted some graphic lacrosse shirts on our blog to show the endless capabilities that one can choose when using dye sublimation. The customer was so excited about the service and quality of our product, they reached out to us again. We love these kind of calls for so many reasons. They seemed to like the shirts so much that they came back to use for their sublimated lacrosse uniforms.

Their awesome predators lacrosse shorts with pockets and collegiate cut lacrosse pinnies went with the theme of their previous order. The greatest thing about ordering with Lightning Wear is that we keep and back up every single order we have ever done. This means that there is never any change in style or patterns. If a player on your team loses their gear or you add a new player to the squad, we are always here to help. The tops shown in the picture have a very cool watermark of a mesh lacrosse stick followed with the panther print and crafted team name in special font text.

Kid Approved Lax Uniforms

My son saw these pictured uniforms and said that he needed the set to add to his collection. With ease, we can manufacture uniforms in adult and kids sizes for both girls and guys. My kid is six so he would likely go with a youth small for the collegiate cut jersey and a youth small for the lax shorts.

The lacrosse shorts followed the same theme with several different prints and an accent of camouflage to match the powder blue black combination of the uniform. In all, these made for some incredible sets. The graphics on both pieces show you just what we are capable of when it comes to dye sublimation of custom uniforms. If you have a design idea in mind or want to share graphics with us, please just send an email or call and we will promptly respond back to your request.

Custom Womens Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

womens sublimated lacrosse uniforms

womens sublimated lacrosse uniforms

Pictured is a great set of Maryland themed womens sublimated lacrosse uniforms to our pals in Annapolis, Maryland.  The CC Lax ladies changed up this season’s uniforms.   They slightly changed their logos and the print on the jerseys and skirts.  As well, they changed up the patterns and styles too.  We believe that our best advisers are the customers and clients we serve.   The team has been working with us for a few years, but their feedback has helped us make our product better.

Fall Lacrosse Tournament Games

Their club has over 250 players participating in the fall lacrosse tournaments.  But what makes their club great is the coaches and leaders that organize and teach their young girls.  So this year they decided to alter the pattern of our womens reversible jerseys  and add reversible skirts.  The patterns on the lacrosse skirts were also altered slightly.  The biggest problem the team had with our previous tops and bottoms was that it was not “hippie” enough.  And no I do not mean like flower child hippie.  I mean like the part of a womens body that tends to be a little wider than the male counterpart.

Widened Bottoms Hem

So here is what we did.  We brought the bottoms of the reversible jerseys out more at the waist line.  We made the youth sizes of the tops a little longer as well.  Then we curved them a bit on the sides and bottoms for the full cut feel.  One other alteration that we have made is bringing up the sides of the racerback jersey closer to the armpit.  Overall, the team will agree that these slight alterations have really made a significant improvement in the wear of the tops.

The biggest issue we have had with the womens skirts is  the struggle to get the right fitting skirt that does not ride up during play.  We make lacrosse skorts too.  But they are not on our site.  Skorts are a little more expensive because there is an insert made of spandex.  But this year, CC Lax wanted a reversible skirt.  This is something we have never made before.  And according to them, we nailed it.

So if you are looking for a reliable  USA based manufacturer of Womens Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms, give us a call.  We would love to have your teams wearing our hand made gear.

Make Christmas Lacrosse Uniforms

Christmas lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear.   Sorry I have not posted in a few days. I have been very busy with the holidays getting our production in line and

christmas lacrosse uniforms

Christmas lacrosse uniforms

geared up to speed. I figured I definitely needed to post this cool set of Santa’s little helpers in some sweet Stale Fruitcake pinnies and lacrosse shorts on the way to Parkville, Missouri. We are seeing a lot of Christmas lacrosse uniforms hit the cutting floor. If you are playing in a tournament and need some gear, give us a call and we can get things working for you. Also, if you need some gift ideas, check us out for stocking stuffers or holiday treats.

The youth lacrosse shorts were striped with the teams numbers on the bottom left and a cool logo. The striped just like everything else you see are dyed in to the fabric. You can choose any color striped, patterns camouflage, argyle, checker or whatever you think of. Indeed you will be the talk of your tournament when you show up in the coolest lax uniforms on the planet.

Sublimated Lax Uniforms

Sublimated lax uniforms can have any design pattern or style on them. The Stale Fruitcakes chose some very cool red and white stripe sublimated lacrosse uniforms shorts and a top with the signature Santa laxin jersey. If you notice on the back, they added the United Real Estate logo. With sublimation, you can expand your reach and add whatever team or sponsor logos you want. What better way to raise funds for your team or club then to showcase the local sponsor including restaurants, realty companies or any other small business. Many of the teams we work with add bar names, realtors, attorneys, bail bondsmen, you name it.

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms Boys

Custom lacrosse uniforms boys from Lightning Wear. The East End 4 Lax crew will be looking so raw in these lacrosse uniforms for boys with the custom skull and lax sticks logo.  They chose lacrosse uniforms sublimated for boys on our uniform builder site inspired by Design #5. Since it was a youth team, I suggested that they go with the collegiate style lacrosse pinnie. It is a wider shoulder jersey with coverage on the pads. We make lacrosse uniforms for boys and girls that have been tested on our local and nationwide teams. If you have a sizing question, we are always here to help give our input on what works best.

lacrosse uniforms boys

lacrosse uniforms boys

Lacrosse Pinnies Sizing

All of our pinnies come in individual sizes, not half sizes like S/M. I really do like when manufacturers make things more complicated and do split sizes. There is enough of a difference in reversible jerseys that you really do need exact and individual sizing. If you have a question about youth sizing for girls or guys, just give us a ring and we can suggest our opinion on the best matches for your team age group. We make to order in Maryland USA.

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Harwood Lacrosse will be at it hard in their new Vermont Lacrosse Uniforms. The team went with our collegiate cut lacrosse jerseys for their adult and youth programs.

Vermont lacrosse uniforms

Vermont lacrosse uniforms

They also added a pair of black custom lacrosse shorts. Each player received a custom jersey with their name and number on the front and back of the jersey. They added an American flag on the back neck to show their love of our great country. We take special pride in our custom made team uniforms and jerseys. But what makes it great is the ability we have to change up our designs and patterns at will.

The biggest complaint we receive from teams that have made the switch from other vendors is the stock issues. Many times, our competitors will change the pattern or design of one of their styles without notifying their teams. These are big companies. Their reasoning is simple. They want the whole team to replace again each year so you have to buy new uniforms. We do not feel the same way. Our team wants you as a customer for life, but not at the expense of your teams whole budget. LW understands that kids play on a lot of club and travel teams. We want our gear to be affordable and we want it to last.

This means if a club adds teams or players, they are stuck with a mismatch. We feel that we as a company come in very strong in this regard. Lightning Wear saves and stores each and every design we have ever made. They can be easily duplicated and replicated with near exact match colors and styles. The only thing that does change from time to time, (maybe every two or three years) is the fabric. We are constantly improving our inks papers and fabric. On occasion, there may be a change in the material. So, if you are looking for Vermont lacrosse uniforms, or custom team uniforms anywhere, give us a shout.

Sublimated American Flag Lacrosse Uniforms

american flag lacrosse uniforms

american flag lacrosse uniforms

American flag lacrosse uniforms made to order in Maryland USA. Earlier in the month I posted a pic of some lacrosse shooter shirts with stars we did the for the Hewlett team up in Long Island, New York. The great moms of the team really worked hard to gather team information for the upcoming game. They surprised the team with an American Flag lacrosse uniforms set that really looked incredible.

Today the team plays wearing these new unis and we hope they like them and more importantly that they kick some tail in them. We have just recently introduced the full lacrosse jersey to our site and it continues to be a true hit.

If you have an event or camp in need of some custom lacrosse uniforms, call us today for special team pricing. We manufacture for mens, womens and youth teams all over the globe.



Lacrosse Uniform Photo Gallery

See images of some of the cool uniforms we have made.  If you see one you like, please just let us know and we can try to match.  Keep in mind that this is all over printing.  So the possibilities for print are endless!


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