Dive into Victory with Custom Swim Shorts for Prince Mont Swim League

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Create Lacrosse Warmup Shirts

Get lacrosse warmup shirts from Lightning Wear. Here goes some way coollacrosse shooter shirts to our boys playing in the new Silver Spring, Maryland indoor lacrosse league that recently started. Cereal Killer Shooter shirts and custom lacrosse uniforms for indoor teams are what we do. These shirts and matching shorts were designed by our art department. They worked with the team on something fresh and unique. If you have a team or club that are looking for shooter shirts or custom lacrosse shorts, please give us a call and we can work with your teams budget to get you looking sharp on and off the field. Made in Kensington, Maryland USA.
lacrosse warmup shirts
lacrosse warmup shirts
I especially love the mix of crosses on the side panels of the jersey. You may not believe it but this shirt started out as a white piece of fabric. With the help of dye sublimation technology we crafted this shirt from scratch. First, the pattern of shirt is printed with a very wide printer and special inks. The dye sublimation paper takes the water based ink and secures it before pressing. Then the print is dyed in to the fabric. We usea high heat machine that marries the paper with the fabric. It is a remarkable process. So the next time you are looking for lacrosse warmup shirts, give us a call.

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