girls racerback jerseys

Girls Racerback Jerseys

Girls Lacrosse Uniforms

The Eagles girls have perfected the girls' racerback jerseys using our dye sublimation technology. As you are able to see by the picture, the possibilities for design options and print on your custom girl's jerseys are endless. Also, the girls uploaded a very scenic and pretty palm trees and sands logo to the design tool on the site. They added custom names and numbers to the back of the jerseys on both sides.

Racerback Jersey: The Lightning Wear Process

Perhaps, the biggest email question we get is from customers wanting to know how to print on the inside of the reversible pinnies. It is definitely more simple than it looks. Once you add your design to the shirt or jersey, you should be ready to checkout. Hit the buy it now button. Immediately, a box should appear on your screen. The box will ask if you would like to print on the inner side of the garment. Then, you are asked to map the colors that you want to change your print to. If you are unsure of the selection, just call us and we can walk you through it. (more…)
sublimated flags

Custom Sublimated Flags

Custom Team Flags

Little did you know that we also make some pretty cool sublimated flags. Here goes a set of 3' x 5' sublimated team flags to our pals in New York. For around $100 you can get a very durable and highly visible custom sublimated flags with any design logo pattern or print. Moreover, we also offer a number of different sizes and styles. This particular custom flag had two grommets on the left side. So in addition to do doing custom sublimated lacrosse uniforms, we also make banners and any ad promos you can think of. (more…)
girls capped sleeve lacrosse shirts

Girls Capped Sleeve Lacrosse Shirts

Womens Lacrosse Shirts

Check out the girls capped sleeve lacrosse shirts we made for the Viper and Venon girls lacrosse teams. For a long time now we have been outfitting our girls and womens teams with the unisex lacrosse shooter shirts. (more…)
digital camouflage shooter shirts

Digital Camouflage Shooter Shirts

Custom Digital Camouflage Shooter Shirts

Northern Kentucky Lacrosse Shirts

Check out these digital camouflage shooter shirts from Lightning Wear. We always love showing off the great work of our artists and customers. The pictured uniforms are boys shooter shirts sublimated. (more…)
Lacrosse Practice Jersey

Lacrosse Practice Jersey

Custom Lacrosse Practice Reversible Jersey

Indian Head Lacrosse Pinnies - Custom Indian Pinnies - Tribal Lax Pinnies - Provincetown Massachusetts Pinnies

Create your own Lacrosse Practice Jersey from Lightning Wear. (more…)
yolo womens lacrosse shorts

Womens Field Hockey Jerseys

Customize Womens Field Hockey Jerseys

Womens Field Hockey Jerseys from Lightning Wear. (more…)

Please note that the products that you see above are just some of the possibilities we offer for this category.  But we manufacture our garments.  So, anything you can think of can be reproduced.  And we make all the listed products in adult and youth sizes.  See our sizing chart page for more details.

We encourage you to check out our blog for more ideas and assistance.  As well, if there is a design you see online, you can send it our way and we can try to replicate it for you.  We also offer multiple piece set discounts on team uniforms and kits.   Contact us for more details on team and bulk pricing.