Skulls Lacrosse Shorts – Skulls Basketball

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Sublimated Skull Shorts

Dress for success. The clothing you choose hugely impacts your performance on the court. You don’t need to spend a fortune on workout gear. You’ll never know the difference between an extraordinary and ordinary performance is what you wear. So buy this skull-printed sublimated basketball shorts, and you are sure to get the most out of your game. Be sure to check out our sublimated basketball shorts too!


  • Fabric
    It has a light and breathable fabric that promotes cooling ventilation and keeps you dry and comfortable during games.
  • Style
    All our garments have gone through the process of dye-sublimation, which means that the skull print would not fade quickly. Meanwhile, you can enjoy moving around with its loose fit and an encased elastic waistband for a personalized and relaxed fit.
  • Sizes
    All products are available in both adult and kid-size. However, if you are not sure which size suits you, check our size chart here!
  • Care Instruction
    Before putting it inside the washing machine, turn your garment inside out to remove the sweat and oils you have accumulated. A gentle detergent also matters to remove the stains and smells trapped in the clothing.

About the Company: Design Your Own!

Apart from our sublimated basketball shorts, Lightning Wear Apparel also designs a plethora of custom apparel from sports pinnies to custom shorts and custom sweats. Our mission is to inspire every athlete to reach their full potential. We apply the same dedication in developing high caliber, flawless athletic fits, and cutting-edge technical fabrics that are greater than the sum of its parts. You train hard to achieve your potential on the field, court, and gym, but our clothing apparel works even harder to show it off.

When buying soccer jerseys, we always look for a variety that would improve performance and enhance prowess. Many sporting brands promise premium apparel, but only a few deliver durable and quality sportswear. Whichever brand you prefer, make sure that you don’t compromise your safety when playing the game. Remember: never sacrifice convenience and quality.

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